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  • odpbyrn odpbyrn Mar 13, 1998 1:18 PM Flag

    ASOP Program

    This is from the ASOP (Associate Stock Ownership Plan) prospectus, Shares are purchased at a 15% discount of the lower of the closing price on the first or last trading day of the quarter. The January 2nd closing price was 46 and something, which means we are buying on March 31 at a price around 39 and change, barring some large drop in share price.

    The average share price method is used in the Sears 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan. Investments in the Sears Stock Fund are made based on the average price of Sears Stock during the quarter. Company matching contributions are only invested in the Sears Stock Fund.

    These are completely separate programs.

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    • i was told that by the end of july 98 after the second 1/4 earnings were done that sears should be at 65.. the reasoning was that all of the credit problems from last fall would be then completely worked thru the system.. don

    • at message 207, but I didn't predict a date. Still think it will hit 65 this summer.

    • I believe with Easter coming up that SEARS stock will be at 61
      by then. Anybody else have any gut feelings where they think the stocks going from here?

    • I held decided not to sell. Will stay in a bit longer. It's only paper anyway.

    • Good for you.

    • Wow I go away for a few days and everyone dedicated the SEARS board to me, thanxs for all the attention, isn't it great what
      one person can do, I did not know I wheeled such great power. I've been in this co. way before you snot noses, I also traded it
      about 200X and made money. I was buying when it last split I beleive 1972, I bought when the stock hit low twenties, I was also in
      on the dean witter allstate spinoffs.I bouhgt when it was low forties last year. I love you people when you are all collecting
      your shares I buy low and sell high and make money off of you esop shareholders, as well as the rest of Sears executives do, call
      me what you want I enjoy it, even why I suck you dry.

    • get to take your 34% profit off the table before the pull back today?

    • I've had Sears since just before the spin offs of Allstate and Dean Witter and have held all three since then. They have produced exceptional returns during that timeframe and am planning to keep them in my portfolio for the long term. It's hard to imagine we won't see a pull back sometime soon and I wouldn't blame you for taking some profits sitting on a 25% or so appreciation...I'm staying though. Good luck with whatever decision you make.

    • Yes, if I shorted the stock I'd be nervous too. I mean it went
      from 65 to 40 and now back to almost 60 since October. Fellow,
      you seem to be on the wrong end of the curve.

    • I see that Sears stock is doing very well for those of you who are long. I also can see that Sears is being "hyped" all over
      the board, on the street, and retail in general seems to be doing good, mostly thanks to Walmart. I still feel Sears is an
      over-rated under-performing company, so I have not yet changed my mind as to my position of shorting. I will wait it out a bit more and
      revaluate the situation. My taxi is not for sale, atleast not yet! I will say this, I wish all hard working individuals the best, not
      only in the stock market, but in life general. May your families and you all have the best of luck. On lashing out on JEWLMAN,
      lets not get carried away, everyone should post what they are feeling, isn't that what makes this beautiful country great. I am
      always ready to discuss positive and negative of a company, and what positives that are mentioned here are only "hype" IMHO. I
      think CHRISJEWLMAN has every right to post his sincere belief on Sears, this is a public forum and if you disagree,or agree, we
      all should discuss it before coming to a conclusion. Take care guys, I am getting nervous.

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