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  • pbjb6 pbjb6 Mar 17, 1998 8:32 PM Flag

    Sears employees

    How about those of you that work for Sears posting any information you may hear re: Total Systems Service, TSYS, that Sears is negotiating with to support your private label credit card.They indicated there would be no announcements until the deal is signed, but information sometimes has a way of leaking out prematurely on occasion. I think this could have a positive impact on the stock if they scale back their credit organization and possibly sell some of their receiveables. Thanks

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    • Lowe's is public and prime for the taking. I like the idea of
      a building supply company for home improvements and lawn&garden.
      Buy Lowe's and close the Sears Hardware stores. More economical
      to have bigger stores instead of many little hardware stores.
      Sears better do something because Wal-Mart is eating their lunch.

    • Dingmeister--
      Kmart literally gave Builder's Square away to get it off their books last July and avoid losing any more money on it. They turned it over to Leonard Green & Partners of Los Angeles, a firm that specializes in turn-arounds. At the same time Green and Partners took over Hechingers, the parent of Home Quarters and merged it with Builder's Square. Kmart has the right to re-acquire up to one-third ownership of the merged company at some point in the future.

      I bought Kmart about a year and a half ago on a turn-around bet, same as I did with Sears about 5 or 6 years ago. The Sears investment has sure paid off. And it looks like Kmart is really starting to take off now, too.

    • When Furrows went out of business they said in the paper Kmart
      still owned them. So who is the new owner?. Since I go there I'd
      like an update please. I don't follow KMART. I've owned Sears for
      4 years on my oldest shares and six months on my newest.
      Face it the hardware,lawn and garden, and tools make Sears a good deal of their money. Since they do so much contract home improvement a building supply company would really compliment this part of the business. I didn't like the NTW into NTB deal.
      Discount Tires is eating their lunch and the auto parts business
      is in trouble case you over looked those parts of Sears.
      Sears is a major paint retailer, put it in a building supply
      company. Home Depot is a big fish to think about,maybe too big
      now. I don't go to a mall to buy paint. I go to HOME DEPOT or
      Builder's Square. Hey what about LOWE'S? Now there's something
      to chew on.

    • Mr. Dingmeister, Kmart sold off Builders Square about a year ago, so there is no chance of Sears buying it from them. I don't think Sears needs to be buying anything anyhow. Too many mergers look good on paper, but digesting a new company and meshing two different operations and company cultures can become a nightmare. Look at what happened with Wells Fargo and First Interstate, Boeing and McDonald Douglas, PetSmart and its various acquisitions. Sears is better off expanding on its own.

      I plan to stay with Sears well past $61.

      Good luck!

    • KMART is not a viable fit for Sears but they could buy Builders
      Square from them. KMART needs cash and Sears could strengthen
      its lawn and garden division with building supplier to go along with their contracting business. Just a idea or possibility but
      with the state of the market and economy anything could happen.
      Staying in till we hit 61 then happy trails for time being.

    • Just gotten back from a left coast bus. trip. Too many Liberals. Dow will continue to go higher as we are now starting to
      see an influx of Asian money into are markets, this will only drive US stocks higher. Unfortunatly this dog keeps seeing
      resistence when it nears 60. Just watch out Sears does not get taken over, let alone sears taking someone else over. They look awfully
      good on paper, Artie better do something quick. He goddammed could of had Best Buy, and also Home Depot, thats right loozers HOME
      DEPOT. But instead we get freggin Orchards.

    • it is
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      instead of sorry.

    • My apologies...Kmart is NOT operating under the protection of Chapter 11. I think they returned to profitability in the 4th quarter albeit minimally.Surprisingly however in spite of that Kmart credit rating was recently downgraded to Ba2 by Moodys.I agree I see both companies staying on separate paths. Good luck!

    • I work for Sears but haven't heard anything yet re the TSYS...but that's not unusual down on the sales floor. I bought S
      this fall at 45 so I'm happy as a pig in --. Also bought Home Depot so I don't feel guilty when Sears doen't carry an item and I
      tell them to go to HD. Asa part-timer Sears is a good place to work except they really push me to sell credit apps. At 21% that's
      their main profit center. As a stock holder I have no problem with that....except when I see so many people making a minimum
      credit card payment. But guess that is the American way!!

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