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  • AC_DOCTOR_ AC_DOCTOR_ Apr 26, 1998 6:13 PM Flag

    Just shorted the bastard!

    This is one great short: all the good news is built in now, and it can only go down. Just look at the stock price. bye-bye Sears.
    This week, another -2 for sears.

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    • sounds like you know more about women's underwear, than stocks..or is that something you wear at night, or at your other job!! k

    • RETARD (kashy) we are talking about SEARS not INTEL, is it harder to walk up a hill, or is it harder to walk down a hill. Make sure you don't quit your day job, Keep on clerking them womens panties.

    • i believe i'm only $8 off of my predicition of &70 and you the idiot is off about $26 ... Did you ever go to school? Fool? K

    • KASHYG aka RETARD at least my prediction of 40's is more realistic than yours of 70-80's. Get a life and stop clerking womens underwears out the doors of sears.

    • .. what an idiot you are.. how many predictions
      do you have? it will be sixty by may 14 and then
      drift down.. how about this one: EVERYONE READ CHRIS
      THE FORTIES..."
      you are such an idiot.. why
      don't you admit why you hate sears.. wasn't that you
      were fired from there? did you wish that you got a job
      there and you didn't get it? is it that you have a some
      mental problem??????
      if you predict things, please,
      at least try to stick to your own statements.. YOU
      ARE A FOOL, JEWL!!..................k

    • is a great place to shop and invest and work -your brain can't be washed you don't have one. ha ha ha it's as good as any of your informative posts a..hole!

    • GAM74- Wow a new target. GAM74 writes >>
      did they not give you a refund on the blow up doll
      that you bought last week<<
      This retard
      thinks I came aboard last week, listen up gammera come
      back from the begining and read all the posts, before
      godzilla kicks your ass.
      And by the way I bought that
      blow up doll from sears years ago, I did not want my
      money back just a new one, I think you have me confused
      with your mother.

      later GODZILLA

    • Let the stock go down. It only helps me out with
      my ASOP plan. Say it drops a few bucks a share, I
      still make money at the end of the quarter. Can you
      handle that Chris. Problem is it isn't going to go down.
      Sales are good, the company is strong. If it's such a
      has-been company as you say, why don't you just go
      somewhere else and leave us alone here. Personally, I think
      S is a great investment and a great place to work.

    • Actually jewlman, the biggest loser of all is you
      with the sad, flaccid life that you lead allowing you
      to spend so much time and personal energy on
      something that you cannot control or understand. I think
      you are pathetic--what is the stored up conflict that
      you have with this company and the people that run
      it? Did they not give you a refund on the blow-up
      doll that you bought last week? Get a life or at least
      a job.

    • O.K. you caught me I am also mikeseven, ubkwts
      a.k.a limpy, rmarris3, ac doctor, dingmeister, golf98,
      kashyg, jokr or is it jerkoff, pbjb, oh yeah I almost
      forgot the biggest loozer of them all ARTHUR
      I can't run shit Sears is taking it from behind, my
      BOFD are older than me, Hay but what the heck I'll
      just keep minipulating sears employees like I had over
      at SAKS.
      Yeah jewlman worked for saks to. loozers
      get a life this stock is not going anywhere but down
      after meeting of shareholders, MM's will catch the pop
      then sell off will begin.

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