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  • cravenfun cravenfun May 7, 1998 9:53 PM Flag

    things are good now... wait

    700 mil for the courts... let's dust off some
    more used batteries and put them out on the
    floor,let's cut the service writers pay in auto. & put them
    on commiss. Short timers do not know about the
    antics of the past. Let's dump the empty suit mgrs. and
    give the extra cash to the full time core personnel.
    Then you will see the Co. start to crank out some
    profits. 2% raises for core personnel over the last 5 yrs.
    and so-so benifits are not incentive for stellar
    performance. That's why stock is not moving. Wall St knows
    what's going on, that's why Wal-mart is moving up.

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    • As a consumer(not an employee of any retail dept.
      store) I must tell you that yes, your competition is
      Walmart and others. Yes, there are specific things I may
      go to Sears to get, but i also buy many things at
      Walmart or similar type stores that you also sell at
      Sears--Household items, baby items--car seats, clothing...I guess
      what I am trying to say is that any store that sells
      like items (even with a quality difference) is direct
      competition with Sears and unless the thinking changes, it
      would be difficult to be sucessful in this

      And no, you do not sell toilet paper and such items,
      but that is one more reason to head on over to
      Walmart to make my purchase, the old saying...two birds
      with one stone!!!

    • of course wal-mart and Sears sell some similar
      products definately not the same quality in clothing or a
      lot of other items ie shoes etc. You may want to
      check with your broker as to the differences in retail
      categories Sears,J.C.Penny, Dillard's etc Of course wal-mart
      has taken market share but much more concerned with
      Loew's in the hardware area, Circuit City in
      appliances,and the specialty clothing stores they ARE the
      competition.I shop the competition on a weekly basis wal-mart
      customers not usually seen in my store buying clothing or
      even hardware


    • No BS just straight forward facts! Did you all see the Wal-Mart
      and K-Mart had double digit sales increases and Sears only 3.9%
      Facts hurt baby and so does the stock price because of it.

    • walmart is a good retail company but not in the
      same business as Sears,J.C.Penny,etc. different
      customers different goals.Sorry if you got hurt but the
      times they are achanging if you can't go with the
      change you will be left out. I don't agree with
      everything that happens but I have learned it will happen
      with or without my approval. Sears problems with auto
      are past history also credit problems were caused by
      bad judgement and over zealous court system to make
      Sears pay the deadbeats in this country for being
      deadbeats. America what a country!

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      • Tell me rmarris3 if wal-mart and jcpenny are not
        sears competition then who is?
        The same products
        sold in sears are sold in wal-mart.
        Stock isn't
        going anywhere because ARTIE does not know how to lead,
        he is a follower.
        Competition rolling over sears,
        and they know it they knew it five years ago.

        Sears young associates do yourselves a favor and listen
        to the older associates they know when this co is
        screwing with you, they know when are good times and bad
        times. Managements job is to keep you all happy, the
        concept of brainwashing is practiced in to there
        management training and they don't even know it. The
        managers are just happy being managers and will do just
        about anything to keep there job.
        Just ask ubkwts
        a.k.a limpy where is he, probably walking around sears
        store with a hard on from all that viagra he's been
        Oh no please don't report me to yahoo.

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