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  • jschmix jschmix May 19, 1998 11:40 AM Flag

    Ex Catalog President

    The dashing gentleman in the Porsche was none
    other than Ev Buckhardt, the ex catalog president of
    Lake Forest, IL( where $5,000,000 homes are dime a
    dozen). Ev's face has been all over the local and
    national papers as he is carrying the torch for all of the
    retirees, as he more or less agrees with your posts, "Sears
    made a promise, so keep it Art". Ev's salary was
    probably over $500K when he retired in '92, his death
    benefit is probably over $100K. Most retirees have a very
    small death benefit to start with, not like old

    Most people think this is a low-ball move but fund
    investors love to see costs get cut as retailers in general
    offer skimpy benefits. Sure, this affects 125,000
    former associates, but is it money out of the general
    publics' pocket? Nope, it is just a small PR pimple that
    will go away with a little time. Stock price won't go
    down on this one. Not enough people or big investors
    care unfortunately.

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