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  • rwcva rwcva Aug 29, 1998 12:48 AM Flag

    Where'sThe Connection?

    mark your calender...I posted previously my

    One "little" correction? Are you kidding? the market
    down about 12%

    "Those that has spends" Well,
    I'll remember that quote
    to use that in the

    I HOPE that I am wrong...but IMHO
    there is a big
    disappointment ahead for many retailers.

    ...and the
    shareholders who did NOT get themselves into a

    By the way, "them that has spends"...might be true
    but not
    at Sears....(Nordstrom, Tiffany, Neiman
    Marcus, Abercrombie
    and Fitch, and Home Depot
    maybe)....but NOT Sears.

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    • Gotta agree with you there. I met very few Sears
      shoppers that could be called "high rollers" Many actually
      try to bargain the price down., that may be a Florida
      anomoly, although if it happens here, New York gets it
      too. I felt foolish selling out at 58 cuz I think it's
      basically a good stock. Now at 48, I feel like I dodged a
      silver bullet.

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