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  • Manuel_Dexterity Manuel_Dexterity Aug 5, 1999 5:36 PM Flag

    Sears = Wards??

    Wards showed healthy and growing net income also
    for the years prior to 1995. But let's not argue
    amongst friends. let's see what happens. Either I will be
    right or you will be.

    Letters, godd point about
    the tractor but the buyer has to realize that they
    have to haul the tractor to a service center. How many
    have asked for refunds based on that?

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    • Sears has over 3,000 store locations in different
      formats and a fully functional web site and logistic
      connections with over 6,000 web/edi enabled/connected

      Personally, I stopped shopping at Wards almost thirty years
      ago. Historically, did Wards ever manage break $10-12
      billion in sales?

      NAME BRAND RECOGNITION in AMERICA according to recent
      independent surveys!

    • as well as large appliances were only offered
      in-home in my old district... too many of the stores
      didn't have room in the shop for more than one tractor
      and just before mowing season the mower tune-ups
      alone filled te shop to overflowing. the price i quoted
      (or was thinking if i didn't say it), $400, covers 3
      years at your house!!!!! that's what REALLY REALLY
      makes it a great deal to me...

      PS this also
      means any warranty work is done onsite instead of
      'loading it up'...

      PPS while i have made a couple
      of refunds when we still offered shop MAs, the
      customer would usually pay for the upgrade (over the phone
      via S-card for ~$99 for the on-site service after
      apologizing for the lack of training/explainations of
      benefits) and retrained the associate to make sure they
      offered all levels of the MA not just the cheaper goes back to customer it usually
      SHOULD w/ retail sales...

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      • The tractor M.A. may sometimes be worth it but
        appliances and televisions shouldn't need a M.A. If an
        appliance or television has a problem in less than 10 YEARS
        it is DEFECTIVE!!!!!

        There isn't any
        maintenance required on a television, etc.

        Sears uses
        the M.A. as an excuse Not to fix defective products!
        If someone didn't buy the M.A. but has a defective
        product, Sears won't fix it, they will just say you should
        have bought the M.A.

        The Maintenance Agreement
        is almost all Profit. That is why there is so much
        pressure to sell it. It is a rip off!!
        That is why
        Maryanne Ford store #2724, pushes employees to sell it, so
        she will get a bonus!

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