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  • Manuel_Dexterity Manuel_Dexterity Aug 5, 1999 5:36 PM Flag

    Sears = Wards??

    Wards showed healthy and growing net income also
    for the years prior to 1995. But let's not argue
    amongst friends. let's see what happens. Either I will be
    right or you will be.

    Letters, godd point about
    the tractor but the buyer has to realize that they
    have to haul the tractor to a service center. How many
    have asked for refunds based on that?

    • as well as large appliances were only offered
      in-home in my old district... too many of the stores
      didn't have room in the shop for more than one tractor
      and just before mowing season the mower tune-ups
      alone filled te shop to overflowing. the price i quoted
      (or was thinking if i didn't say it), $400, covers 3
      years at your house!!!!! that's what REALLY REALLY
      makes it a great deal to me...

      PS this also
      means any warranty work is done onsite instead of
      'loading it up'...

      PPS while i have made a couple
      of refunds when we still offered shop MAs, the
      customer would usually pay for the upgrade (over the phone
      via S-card for ~$99 for the on-site service after
      apologizing for the lack of training/explainations of
      benefits) and retrained the associate to make sure they
      offered all levels of the MA not just the cheaper goes back to customer it usually
      SHOULD w/ retail sales...

    • Sears has over 3,000 store locations in different
      formats and a fully functional web site and logistic
      connections with over 6,000 web/edi enabled/connected

      Personally, I stopped shopping at Wards almost thirty years
      ago. Historically, did Wards ever manage break $10-12
      billion in sales?

      NAME BRAND RECOGNITION in AMERICA according to recent
      independent surveys!

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