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  • Tech_trac Tech_trac Sep 22, 1999 10:09 AM Flag

    'Mr. Martinez:"Do the right Thing..

    fall on your sword! Please set my people FREE". Only dramatic action will stem the decline, otherwise chinese water torture scenario and slow drawn out death in store for shareholders.

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    • Good info, thanks

    • Has anyone heard of the rumor of Martinez resignation.

    • Ever see someone at a restaurant start choking on
      a piece of food? The spector of such an event is

      Well folks, that's exactly what is
      happening right now with Sears. Sears is choking on
      Martinez. And the Board of Directors who should be looking
      out for the best interests of the company and the
      shareholders is not doing a damn thing to prevent

      The Board of Directors are saying in effect, "screw
      the company and screw the shareholders."

    • Girl: Not bad, someone with a long term memory.
      Yeah, last year stunk. U r right, increases do look
      better over a bad year.

      According to
      "Sears said it expected full-year earnings per share to
      grow in the low-single-digit percentage range from the
      $3.32 a share it
      earned in 1998. Earlier this year
      it forecast low double digit percentage earnings
      growth for 1999."

      So, if the new marketing angle
      and price emphasis doesn't work for Sears, this year
      might stink too. I believe the 4Q is make or break for
      Art. Isn't it exciting, we have to wait until
      Christmas to see what Santa leaves under the tree!

    • I can understand why you would be proud.

    • EOM

    • On 9/22/99 at 4:12 pm EDT, the Enlighted One (aka
      girl_lvr69) made the following comments:

      "Well done.
      Maybe we should promote you to CEO. Thanks for the
      excellent come back. Let the board vote "Val for CEO". Next
      time use the one for oily hair. Thanks "

      thank you for the compliment, but decline your offer of

      Long may you run,

    • Well done. Maybe we should promote you to CEO. Thanks for the excellent come back. Let the board vote "Val for CEO". Next time use the one for oily hair. Thanks

    • I agree,what is the plan this year?. Same store
      sales were flat last quarter compared to the rest of
      the industry which was up quite a bit. If you know
      they are making the plan then maybe you can share that
      with us. Don't take everything so personal, have fun
      on this board.

    • On 9/22/99 at 3:31 pm EDT girl_lvr69 wrote (and I
      quote again):

      "When you speak of maintaining a
      tractor at someones home, is there a charge associated
      with this tremendous value you offer? "

      doubt there is a charge associated with having a Sears
      technician come to your house to repair your tractor, stove,
      or air conditoner. How many other companies can
      offer their customers that convenience? I know many of
      my customers have no way of transporting their
      tractors to our Service Department for repairs if their
      tractor breaks. Imagine their surprise when they find out
      blades are included! And routine maintenance! And flat
      tires! And all they have to do is pick up the

      "Can you give me any examples of what you are lower
      on? Just curious, I understand if you can't think of
      anything off the top of your head"

      Sure, all though
      since you're probing, I feel the need to remind you
      this is not an all-inclusive list.

      1. Opening
      Price Point Gas Grill with a side burner (Sears $159.99
      vs Lowe's $169.99)
      2. Trade-up grill drom #1
      (Sears $199.99 vs Lowes $219.99)
      3. Kilz Primer
      14.5 HP Lawn Tractor (Sears $949.99 vs Lowe's
      5. Nearly any Kobalt hand tool vs. Craftsman, we
      have the lower price.
      6. Yard Man Push Mowers are
      $20 to $50 cheaper at Sears than Lowe's
      High-Wheel Weed Trimmer, $299 (sale price) at Sears, $499.99
      at Lowe's
      7. DeWalt drills run around $15 to $25
      less at Lowe's, but their units come with one battery,
      ours have two.
      8. 3500 watt generator is $849 at
      Lowe's, $599 at Sears
      9. 5 gallon buckets of 20 year
      exterior paint are $5 to $10 less expensive at
      10. Craftsman welders are generally the same price as
      the Lowe's Cambell-Hausfield units, but offer more
      features and higher capacities.

      That's ten, I hope
      it's enough. Anything specific you were looking

      "Next time take a shower before you go back to the

      Not that I had any reason to believe that someone
      would care, but I went back to the store, told them I
      was going home to take a shower, and returned that
      evening. In case you're curious, I use Lever 2000 soap and
      Pantene Pro-V shampoo (the blue botle, for normal

      " Thanks "

      You're welcome.


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