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  • rwcva rwcva Sep 22, 1999 11:12 AM Flag

    'Mr. Martinez:"Do the right Thing..

    I have been in retail for over 40 years.

    Retail cycles ebb and flow, and like the cycles
    themselves,individual retailers grow. florish, expand, or

    * Over the last 15 years vritually EVERY major
    retailer has had to change dramatically or go out of
    business. We all know the great names, (I could type in a
    list of over 50!) who did not change with the times,
    missed catering to the baby boomers, and then also
    missed the "boom-echo".

    * Sears in my opinion has
    beome obsolete in most major markets because the
    competition is just too sharp! Also a lack of image
    particularly with those households with incomes over $75k per
    year, would eliminate the desire for those customers to
    even step into the store, no less even buy

    * When I go to my local mall, even if there are
    parking spaces by Sears, I would rather go to a more
    crowded area park, and enter. There is NOTHING inside
    that I care to see.

    * This apparently is true
    of other customers, because the spaces outside Sears
    are ALWAYS the least filled.

    * the trend is
    now impossible for Sears to turn around.
    has gone in it's varied parts to....
    - Home
    Depot, Target, Gap, Old Navy, Linens & Things, the
    Limited ( in all it's varied names ), Crate & Barrel, and
    to catalog retailers such as L.L. Bean, J. Crew, and
    to the mass retailer Wal-Mart. Ever wonder why
    Wal-mart is open 24 hours ?
    Wal-mart does so much
    business is HAS too!

    the same trend is happening
    now in Canada too!

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    • Sears-Canada is doing just fine, thank you. To be
      honest, the success of Sears-Canada is one of the
      brighter spots for Sears.

      Sears-US carries more
      name brands than ever.

      I would rather shop at
      Sears than having to hunt and peck at a dozen stores to
      finally find what I need. With the emphasis on the price
      matching strategy, Sears gives you value since you are
      guaranteed a good price that beats or meets the competition.

    • You can't portray to be everything to everybody
      while picking and choosing product lines.

      results is greed for the big $'s in the appliance without
      attention to the necessary accessories to use or install
      it. Leaves the consumer with a lack of

      What results is the consumer that does purchase the
      product then finds it necessary to seek the necessary
      accessory to install or go with the appliance only to
      discover the full service discounter. Price becomes
      obvious and the consumer discovers the savings in both
      time and money with one stop shopping with the

      As for warranty or product support, they're offered
      everywhere but it doesn't take the seasoned consumer long to
      figure out what $60 an hour plus marked up parts will
      cost them on an appliance they've had for 5-15 years.
      With the new features driving the industries most opt
      to toss rather than throw $100-$200 into an
      antiquated product waiting for another failure. We're all
      seeing the throw away trend in products with services on
      the rise.

      What shocks me is how a company
      could dish out $7mill for a ceo that touted being such
      a rag merchant from Sach's 5th Ave. only to
      continue selling the catalog clothing formerly found in
      the catalog business he killed.

      He tossed the
      hardlines business out the window (Home Depot caught it
      all) when he focused exclusively on the apparel and
      the female shopper as his client. (do women really
      make 60% of the purchases of tools, lawn equipment,
      sports equipment, plumbing, TV's, Stereos, etc.?) He's
      now trying to shore it back up with focusing on what
      he lost but he's already bought the

      More opinion

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