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  • pbjb6 pbjb6 Jan 18, 2000 11:29 AM Flag


    an employee of Sears I may be missing something
    on the "motivational" tool being used by the store
    manager. Would it not be more productive to put that aside
    and focus on attaining the goals and criteria
    established by management. That sure would preclude any
    potential unscheduled reduction in hours worked. Could it
    be that the hours scheduled in the month of January
    are normally reduced and that since he probably has
    the same accountabilities to his boss he wants to
    "field" the best performers. I'm sure that those teams in
    the NFL playoffs start the best performers at their
    position with the unltimate goal of advancing to the next
    game. Sorry about the long post! I know you asked for
    feedback from fellow employees but I thought an outsider's
    perspective might help.

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    • all the other posts that scheduling and service
      continue to be a question of debate at Sears. The term
      "best performers" at Sears does not include such things
      as actually showing up for work and waiting
      faithfully on customers. As other people have said here,
      "the numbers are the only thing that is important".
      Unfortunately, numbers do not reflect how we actually treat our
      customers from day to day. At our store, going into draw is
      common for the month of January. Our staff reductions
      took place on December 31. Also in the past two weeks
      we have been out of a lot of inventory. There are a
      lot of variables that go into one's performance. The
      fact that I actually wait on customers who buy a
      $299.99 TV where some others do not isn't even
      considered. We have one part-time employee that never rings
      up a VCR but has a great MA percentage. Last year I
      had about $20,000 in MA sales so it is not like I am
      doing nothing.
      For those here looking for stock
      information, I think that it is important that you see other
      facets of this business besides the numbers. The
      "culture" of this company will determine it's long range
      objectives and ultimately it's stock price. As one of our
      old timers said, merchandisers are no longer running
      this company, the bean counters are. People want good
      products and service, not smoke and mirrors.

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