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  • kbjb Jul 12, 2010 8:07 PM Flag

    Just Asking!

    What do we have here? An index fund? The market goes up and Oaklx goes up. The market goes down, and Oaklx goes down. I'm still waiting for that eventful day when we go up when everyone else goes down! Will it ever happen? I think not. We could just buy a basket of stocks that Nygren loves and avoid the exortitant fees he charges. Posssibly make a little more money. Just looking for some comments.

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    • To me the most sensible form of investing is to buy a handful of index funds and let them ride for decades, re-allocating periodically to maintain the desired allocation.

      The bulk of my portfolio is in unmanaged SCHB and VEU. I also have a little VWO and HYD.

      I am impressed that over time, the vast bulk of money managers do not beat the indices. With the microscopic expense ratios now charged by ETFs - and getting lower by the day - I think the era of the managed mutual fund is coming to an end.

      However, if you look at investing as a life time proposition, there are some managers who have managed to beat the averages over long periods of time. Note that even with the WAMU debacle, Mr. Nygren has done this:

      I also have a managed foreign bond fund which has been spectacular for more than two decades:

      So for me, basic indexing is the way to go with a sprinkling of managed funds with long term successful track records.

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