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Wolverine World Wide Inc. Message Board

  • Top_Ranked_Analyst Top_Ranked_Analyst Mar 11, 1999 12:14 PM Flag

    What a Dog!

    The performance of this stock is pathetic,
    reflecting a "sit on our hands" attitude from management.
    The bloody market is on fire and this thing doesn't

    All the "Gee Whiz, You guys are so smart"
    talk from a Company IR guy won't make the share price
    move or placate angry investors, of which I include

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    • Ken Aupperle is Pres./COO of HAUP the
      CEO is
      another Ken. My last correction
      and last post--I only
      wanted to point
      out that they rarely post--usually
      to remind people of conference calls
      and so

    • It is rare for the CEO to post but every
      and then the CEO of HAUP will respond.
      It's a
      small growing co. compared to WWW
      but read posts
      1628 to 1640 and you will
      see the reason for the
      response (regular
      posters fustration) and his
      BTW his name is Ken
      HAUP 1628-1640

    • I take your suggestion with thanks. IR efforts are expanding. Do you think a value stock like WWW would be attractive to the boutique firms?

    • If you look at the structure of most sell side
      firms, there is really no Chinese Wall between Corporate
      Finance and Research, but...there are some boutiques out
      there that provide research to their institutional and
      high net worth clients and do not participate in
      underwritings; they have two recommendations, Buy and

      Kevin (have I got your attention now?), I am speaking
      from personal and professional experience with your
      Company: You should really pay attention to these firms
      and their analysts. I moved several hundred thousand
      of your shares some time ago in a few trading days
      at a three point profit and am glad I did (although
      we still have plenty in some accounts!)

      On a
      personal note, if someone says that three hundred thousand
      pairs of Fusion boots were sold in a quarter and the
      number comes in well below that, credibility is going to
      be lost.

    • The CEO of Felcor (FCH) used to participate in the Motley Fool message board some months back.

    • LUMI had the CEO on board for awhile, but he
      hasn't posted in a long time. I believe he was there in
      a defensive position, but he was obviously reading
      the posts for quite awhile. There are many employees
      that post regularly to boards that I"ve followed.
      There was another example of an employee that regularly
      answered questions, but I just can't seem to remember
      which board. I assume that it was a company in which I
      sold my investment. I'll post it if I can remember.
      I'm sure that your sell could be inhanced by quoting
      some of the positive posts from this Yahoo message
      board. Good-luck, and please continue.

    • I'm presenting a case for the importance of this
      communications channel to our executive management next week.
      WWW is not unique in participation on the message
      boards, but if you folks know of other companies who
      participate on the message boards it would help me build case

      Can anyone direct me toward other message boards with
      company participation?

    • About half of Wolverine World Wide's revenue
      comes from international sales, and this is definitely
      affected by the relative strength or weakness of the
      dollar: but the company has a good position in this
      environment for several reasons:

      On the sales side,
      our international licensees bear the burden of
      manufacturing product, and pay us royalties. The currency of
      exchange is decided ahead of time to spare us the roller
      coaster ride of exchange levels. Distributorships are
      arranged much the same way.

      On the sourcing side, a
      strong dollar helps our margins for the reason you

      The negative side is macro-economic: to the extent
      that exchange rates reflect the relative strength or
      weakness of competing economies, a strong dollar would
      indicate some softened demand - at least in economies that
      are in freefall. However, much of our international
      demand is centered in developed Western Europe, where
      recent economic upheaval has not hit so

      Wolverine World Wide was perhaps unfairly hit when the
      global downturn drew attention to our global exposure.
      From our viewpoint, and taken with what I just said,
      you can see that our global exposure is really an
      opportunity to be at ground level in a number of developing
      markets. I guess that actually supports your stated
      reasons for buying...

    • kevin already hit on the fact that there is no
      real market breadth in this run. I still see many a
      good value stock off better than 50% from their highs.
      They're just getting left behind by the 50% of individual
      investors who only came into the market since 87. There is
      no sanity here as the momentum stocks keep moving.
      Betting against the herd effect is a hard thing to do,
      but that may just prove to be the most sane play here

      I feel wolverine is like having a garage
      sale. Some folks put the old artwork by some obscure
      artist that had been accumulated by grandpa over the
      years out on the lawn and ask only 10 dollars for it
      because they don't realize the underlying value. Someone
      will make out in a deal like that. That may be all we
      have here.

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