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  • barrylake69 barrylake69 Jan 31, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    Update on mt emmons plan of operations

    Very simple, useg filed the plan of operations, The forest service makes a decision to accept or not accept the plan of operations. In the 160 pages that were presented their were some issues that the forest service needed clarification on. Useg addressed those issues and the forest service is now in the process of seeing if it meets their standards.......The plan of operations can not be posted on the website because it is ever changing. Until the plan is accepted then I guess it will be posted. You should here a reply in about 2 weeks from now. Remember the forest service is not looking to reject the plan, that is not their job.

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    • Barry, as we twittle our thumbs are you hearing anything?

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      • Something is going on with the land exchange that looks positive. Several developments Crested butte news is not running articles how a mine will destroy the area. High country citizens alliance is not having the red lady ball so far and is fairly quite on the issue . The forest dept may be holding back and maybe involved to a degree in the negotiations. If something comes out of this don`t expect the big numbers some posters are talking about, but remember something is better than nothing. Look for an update on the conference call.

    • Barry,
      It has been more than two weeks now. Are you still expecting a reply soon? A favorable response sure would make their year end conference call go easier for them. What's you gut feel these days?

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      • Like it or not useg is being held captive by a government agency. Using an example they must have found about 8-10 details that they needed more clarification on. Useg has responded but its a check list, meaning there may be 2 or 3 items that they want more information on. ...Time frame maybe another the federal land exchange is something interesting. We all know the government is broke so there can be no exchange of money, but tax credits, property exchange is not off the table. High country citizens alliance is out of the picture and it seems some big players in the area have taken over the negotiations. This being useg and so many rightly so disgruntled investors they maybe are waiting for the conference call to give a further udate which will be held March 14 or 15. You would think after blowing so many conference calls in the past maybe they can get this one right.

    • Any further possibilities of a federal land exchange? The appraisal would be much higher with the plan of operations approved.

      I don't get the sense the Colorado Senators are willing to expend any political capital on this. The $60B Sandy bill would have been the perfect vehicle to attach it to.

    • I have worked with the US Forest Service in Pa and they like to overstep their authority when
      it comes to oil operations. Maybe this is different? What I think USEG should do is spin
      this off into a seperate company and agree to fund it until a deal can be made with someone.

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      • Like any other government agency they have to follow the parameters of the law. Remember useg has the water rights and has the patented claims on the property. This already went to the supreme court and useg won.......You can`t arbitrarily turn down a project because its a mine and a few people in the area don`t want it....if so there would be no mining or drilling in this country at all......Plus useg has several other factors in their favor, news should be out within the next week or two.

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