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  • barrylake69 barrylake69 Apr 24, 2013 2:15 AM Flag

    Acceptance of the plan of operations by the U.S. Forest Service Gives

    Useg two items it did not have before, creditability and valuation. Acceptance of the plan of operations is the hardest part. Why because it gives validation to useg water rights. Without water rights no mine. Now to go into the next step nepa, useg can not go it alone. Useg at this point has several options. Sell mt emmons outright, go in partners with another company and use the valuation of the moly to borrow funds. Still keep a royalty percentage and no cash investment..............Now you also have the Federal Land exchange and deep pocket individuals in the area who may make a cash offer for mt emmons. Why this is so interesting is that the clock is ticking. If there is no hurry up on a outside offer or federal land exchange soon useg will partner with another company. Once that happens all other deals are off the table...........Keith should sell the mine to the Chinese this is there style. They can wait and have the money. ........As for High country, no factor they had there shot either come up with some reasonable offer or push the land exchange. The clock is ticking......Depending upon how management wants to play this out either way it is a plus for investors.

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    • I certainly see the mine acceptance as a plus for the value of the assets - to be determined if management or the Board will consider giving any of that increased valuation to 'common' shareholders.

      As to Hidden Investor thought that FCX would be interested - absolutely not. I know those folks and have tried on more than one occassion to interest them in mt emmons.

      Barry...take a look @ BLMC. Low risk high return.

    • Hey Barry,

      This has been a long time coming. I see a lot of forward momentum here in the next few weeks. This is quite encouraging to longstanding longs like myself. Good news from the oil patch might also provide impetus. What do you see as a reasonable valuation now...all things considered?


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      • On the acceptance of the plan of operations the stock should be trading over 2 by the end of the week once investors begin to understand how this greatly affects the valuation of useg. Now from my understanding the Land exchange is still on the table and a private investor may make an offer for mt emmons. My guess from a private investor 30-40 million, they can always use it as a tax right off. Federal land exchange is totally different you have certain parameters which the appraiser must go by. Tax credits can be given along with mineral properties. This can range from 50-75 million. This would also include giving back the water treatment plant. Conference call is a little under 3 weeks away I am sure Keith will have an update............We will also know very soon if the apartments sold which would also increase the valuation of useg. I don`t like to give valuations on ifs , but i am adding shares at these prices......colorado_guy1 you always defended management this is their time to market the company to investors, hope this time they make it happen.

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