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  • flat_roader flat_roader Sep 4, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    This stock ain't going nowhere.

    All the excitement over a stock that has little of no potential at all. goes up a few points and teeters around $2 ....up 5 cents down 4cents .... next drop 2cents then up 1 cent. usually ends up at the same price on friday as if started on monday. Now they sold the apartments, so now where do I stay when I go visit the site? Hold until I can get my money back out ..... then they can buy a bi=plane for all i care and start a tent city .... to replace the "apartments" . When one of the company heads sells his blood or better yet a kidney ...... then I'll know they're serious.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I guess your double negative means "this stock is going somewhere."


    • Please let us know when you sold your brain?


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      • ahhhhhhhhh ........ a direct attack. doesn't make sense but, kudos to you if you're in the fossil fuel business. I saw coal go up and down for 44 years....even mining experts couldn't figure it out. Now, my daughter and a guy she used to work with started a company to lease natural gas land that the big companies thought too small. Even land the gas companies used to lease at $1500 an acre is down to around $1000. so she combines the acreage of land owners into blocks and gets all the leases signed and presents them to the gas companies. Due to obammah care she can have only 30 employees but, business is booming ....... BUT, the price of natural gas in going down. The more supply the lower the price now if obammah starts a war then the sky is the limit. I'd rather lose money than see another war because some colored guy shot off his mouth and feels he has to back up his threats with lives and tax $$$$. I have gas royalties covering my losses here ..... I guess I kept enough of my brain to not invest money I can't afford to lose. What I have here is chump change but, I did have enough brain a few years ago to buy a lot of Prudential at $10 and sell it for $ 57. when it dropped from $102 Brainless in Pennsylvania.

        Sentiment: Hold

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