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  • x993231 x993231 Dec 8, 2011 2:18 PM Flag


    Not sure what you are saying but I think that you are trying to say that a patent = Success? Well it doesn’t the fact is that 98% fail. Only 2% earn significant dollars. What percentage of patents succeed? “According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, approximately 2 percent of patents earn significant dollars for their inventors.” Patent success rates. Patent odds of success. What percentage of inventors make it? (Susan Glairon, “Boulder, Colo., Inventors Find Joy in Journey from Idea to Product,” Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News, April 17, 2000)

    OK now all of us have electric bills, how many investors here bought one of their devices, installed it and are realizing savings on their bill? Fact of the matter is that this device is good for electric motors ONLY and that is a VERY small portion of our electric bill, they talk about clothes dryers and yes they are expensive to operate but the only savings on a dryer is the few amps used by the electric motor to spin the drum, not the 25 amps used by the burner to heat it up.

    Now an escalator yes it is all motor so I guess you have that going for you.

    Power Efficiency helped Berry Plastics Anaheim facility save 195,000 kWh a year, resulting in an annual cost decrease of $17,600 and payback of less than two years.

    Now look at this web site, look at the green area and check out the footnotes.

    ** Includes utility incentive

    Utility incentive that is the problem with today’s world, we save 25 cents with our idea it saves us 20 cetns then someone gives us a 25 cent incentive and determine that the idea is a good one. Just like the solar panels out there.

    So Yes it saves money but I just don’t think that it will save the planet.

    Good Luck guys given the expense of the device and the overhead I’m not sure this one can stand on its own.