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    • The prior GE comments from one of the posters is a valid concern IMO. For those of you long timers on this board, there was a poster (lockman if I recall) who spoke often about how difficult it would be to compete against the likes of a GE, especially for the large accounts (due to their financing ability and their size / product breadth). Well, one of the questions during the last CC was in regards to the state of the new deals with the large health organizations. Management answered, as best I can recall, that those deals were progressing rather slowly because it is so difficult to compete against the big boys (GE inferred I assume) because of their ability to bundle all kinds of equipment together into one big deal.

      Valid issue, not to be pushed aside imo, not a major cause of concern just yet but certainly something to keep an eye on. I'll be interested in hearing management comments in the next CC about these deals.

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      • The government, and other large accounts, require that a company accept, and credit them for, their old used equipment, which is then discounted to small clinics and third world countries. This is a further competitive barrier.

        Often, new tech is being developed by several people at the same time. The tech may be slightly different; but, if the result is the same, it will be the larger, better funded company, with the best marketing organization, that will win the most business.

      • at least so far, another down in another up NASDAQ market

        i'm not a very good technician, but what little i know tells me there is little support until we hit the 200day MA which is around $11.25 --- other opinions? I sure hope so !!

    • good info - but pretty miniscule in relation to their quarterly run rate

32.79-0.10(-0.30%)Feb 10 4:00 PMEST