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  • sscottsups sscottsups Nov 14, 2005 12:12 PM Flag

    What if JBR did show mixed results

    but BG-fracture shows positive results. What then? The more I think about the timing of Armstrong's statement about the institutional investors getting out back in July to the anticipated mid-summer JBR results, the more I question whether mgmt gave inside info to the investment banks and their hedge fund investors. Couple that with Armstrong's statement about the JBR delay being caused by receiving some of the patients' data late and the data being submitted for an "unbiased interpretation" tells me most likely JBR has had mixed results like 288108 stated. That 288108 probably came to that guy from one of the big firms. Maybe the author of 288108 got second hand inside info. I'm patiently waiting for the JBR results to come out. IMHO.

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    • That's going to take specific correlation of dates and times. Scott's on it, I assume from what he has stated so far. No wonder Satish vanished. Downloading the share price history is a good easy start. Listening to the rebroadcast is the other. Proof of withholding a material fact is the tough one, IMO, and it gets more difficult from there. TonA

    • "I'm not sure of the time line, but could the reason that institutions dumped be because they were nervous about the JBR delay. Or did they dump before the delay was announced?"

      good question is...was it ever announced? dont recalling management announcing any delays...part of the problem...they just dont say sure ill stand corrected in a moment if im wrong.AMM

    • That I totally agree with. The question is how different and can ASTM determine this difference and modify the protocol to account for this difference in a reasonable amount of time? Is the delay tied to this possibility? Good post.

    • plainly speaking, retail investors have been had one more time??? am I right to deduce tha scot??

    • Scott:..your post is very negative based on nothing but another posters conjecture and appears to be a scare tactic...Tech 210, (who imo is the only one who knows what the hell is talking about) has already given detailed posts on how jb trc 's is not as difficult to administer as you also fretted about...Delays by astm is their chosen course as they want rock-solid results proven by a peer-review=(unbiased interpretation)...I can understand being a "long" and posting fact based negative concerns, but you are into "chicken little" mode

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      • Hi Crisis,

        My post is not a scare tactic. It is a reflection of comments made by Dr. Armstrong about institutional investors leaving ASTM back in July. Those comments made me furious actually. Armstrong was keenly aware of share price and why it dropped yet we went through such a period of silence and not a peep out of him about why they were delayed to begin with. Don't you find the coincidence of the big guys getting out at that time and JBR results delayed to be too much of a coincidence? This "unbiased interpretation" statement are not my words. They are Dr. Armstrong's words. I'm still trying to understand it. Did they submit Bg-fracture's data to an "unbiased interpretation" in Barcelona back then as well? That's what I'm trying to figure out. Have you heard any mention of ASTM moving towards starting JBR trials in the U.S.? Wouldn't success in Barcelona lead up to this? I'm still fully invested in ASTM as well and am not bashing. I am questioning the roles yet again of mgmt and their analysts/placement agents/investment banks/hedge funds. I think you know me well enough after all this time that I do not sugarcoat anything. I try to back up my statements with as much fact as possible. I'm also trying to comprehend how other shareholders will perceive the possibility of a failure in JBR versus success in Bg-fracture. I don't know if JBR has failed or not. It could have succeeded as well but so far all the actions of the big guys are telling me my gut feeling may be correct. You have 288108 saying it had mixed results. I'm here with my shares as well crisis, taking a nice hit to my profit. Please give me the benefit of the doubt with respect to my statements.