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  • ca.wavz ca.wavz Mar 18, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    Its worse than i thought

    To date it appears they have about 5 million left in the bank..The loosos wer due to administration and enrollment to which I have yet to see numbers.
    All this cost and they want you to feel excited about going forward when they are virtually broke.
    Let this quote sink in.
    "In the year ahead, we will be focused on completing enrollment in the Phase 2b ixCELL-DCM study, accelerating the rate of enrollment in the Phase 3 REVIVE study, addressing our capital requirements and managing our programs and resources as efficiently as possible. I am excited about the opportunities before us and look forward to reporting on our progress throughout 2013."
    How can they say that when theres no dough? And from what I have read so far no dough in the future.
    How can they manage resourses when there isnt any? And what is there to be excited about knowing that?

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