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  • g_dargusch g_dargusch Mar 19, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Worth a repeat (IMO) S/A The Stem Cell Revolution Can Jump Start Your Portfolio: Jason Kolbert

    I'd also like to mention Aastrom Biosciences Inc. (ASTM). This company is working to complete a phase 3 pivotal trial of its stem cell therapy in critical limb ischemia [CLI]. Based on the phase 2 data set and the size and powering of the pivotal trial, we believe Aastrom has a good probability of success.

    The trial's goal is to demonstrate an improvement in the amputation-free survival rate of the treated patients. Aastrom uses a bone marrow aspirate and expands the cells, optimizing the heterogeneous population mix. Key to Aastrom's success will be validating the thesis that the cell product has been optimized and therefore is advantageous.

    Aastrom is positioned to have the first approved therapy for CLI in the marketplace. We believe "first mover advantage" is vitally important for the company, as it is likely to face future competition from others, such as Pluristem, in CLI. Investors should appreciate that Aastrom's core expertise is in cell manufacturing. As such, the company's COGS are low for an autologous-processed product."

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