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  • charles_lacy2003 charles_lacy2003 Mar 27, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    astm falls next up psti, watch and learn folks


    this is crushing news to the stem cell industry

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    • No it is not. It is one company who has not succeded within this sector. A sector which will, eventually, be a new era for humanity.

      I can understand your frustration I too have been hit heavily by these losses. But I've diversified within this sector AND HOPE YOU HAVE ALSO!

      How I'm positioned:

      - 40% of my portfolio is with NBS (BY A LONG WAY, THE SAFEST PLAY IN THE SECTOR, it's also starting to run these days)
      - 20% is with ATHX
      - 10% on OSIR
      - 15% on IMUC
      - 5% each on CUR, PSTI and ACTC

      There is huge profits to be made in this sector. I for one plan on cashing in on the loot!