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  • ca.wavz ca.wavz Jul 22, 2013 11:58 AM Flag


    Well,they once again bailed on the phase 3 PAD trial which dropped the stock from 1.60 down to .70
    They are now focused a new phase 2 trial the 3rd in the heart repair. They expect completion in 2015. This trial is just to show safety etc.
    The new ceo refuses to let investors even know what the enrollment numbers are. Pretty sad IMO.
    The new ceo has ever refused to release a blog for july after telling investors astm going forward would be transparent.
    The last news was they are now in delistign violation from the Nas.
    The big problem if you go to their balace sheet and due the math you will see they will run out of money at the end of this month.
    They are trying to due another offering (dilution) but apparently there are no takers.
    IMO the only think keeping this stock from going to zero up to now is the tutes have yet to bail on as the markets and the funds they are tied to are in a 4 month record breaking upswing and astm will just be part of the funds tax write off.
    With a minimal amount of DD you will see this is not even a bash at this point its reality.
    Sorry for any typos as proof reading to me isnt important to get the drift.
    Good luck

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    • povertysucks Jul 22, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

      OH NO! You mean this company is about to collapse more than it has?

      I was so hoping there would be a spike like the new Pied Piper kept announcing.
      What happened to the new Pied Piper? He stopped extolling his prowess as a prognosticator.
      The way he was saying, he was "Always Right & Never Wrong".

      Is this the imminent end of the world, or is it the end of ASTM, or is it also the end of the new Pied Piper?