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  • ca.wavz ca.wavz Jul 23, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

    Hey HHH, Whats with the atagonistic #$%$?

    I didnt slap you around once yesterday and yet you still are crying like a baby.
    Man you are one little wussy puke, No wonder Liver is latching onto you in more ways than one .
    You gullible stupid sap. LOL

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    • you're real tough sitting behind a computer with an alias, being cocky to me!! And ever more today you prove how compulsively idiotic you are, that you keep writing to me & seek attention. you must be the loneliest pathetic person in the world 'with no life'. The true 100% antagonist on this board is you. It is too bad you don;t see that fact for what it is. It is proof you are mentally ill as I declared a while back. It is also why I went from neutral on you a couple weeks to totally hating you. You harass me, despite that I've told you to go away, & you annoy the #$%$ out of people like me and spread lies, twist facts. You are an annoying little mutant insect that spends all his time obsessed with annoying people on this ASTM board 24/7.

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      • Annoying people??? Its you me and dr.Liver you friggin dumbchit.
        Its funny, yesterday I didnt mention you yet when ever Livers IDs pop up you jump right in.
        You dish it out and just like your gay buddy you cant take it,, The joke is on you in the end because you and Liver are so far underwater here its hilarious.
        Your new ID claiming you are a day trader is even more hilarious.
        Not only is this sector one of the worst to day trade ,this stock is the absolute worst.
        All you got is a bucket of personal attacks and a bunch of certificates you can use now as toilet paper.
        HHH you are a bagholding fraud.
        I remain LMAO at you.