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  • ca.wavz ca.wavz Aug 2, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    HHH sure seems upset

    I have a feeling the great trader bought in today at the highs....Mercy, the guy cant do anything right.

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    • actually, you're just the idiot who said ASTM could never rally for a profitable trade this summer. I posted this in recent weeks & days (even after I traded it then) that it still had potential for .50+ with 1.00 possible. You trashed me & everyone else for saying anything like this ever since earlier this summer the last 2 months. The point of it all is that you have been proved wrong. and earlier this summer I told you I would shove this in your face that you'd be wrong. ...And I also said you would be a slime ball & never admit being wrong, which today you prove yet again. You lie about me all the time & you won't admit anything like a real man. You are as low as any human can be.
      I will not dignify you here anymore with a reply because you are a useless #$%$ & a waste of time. You will need to rely on Liver & all your gay drama Gumby posts. G-Bye