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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Aug 19, 2013 12:23 AM Flag

    The bigger picture

    In my opinion only, the bigger picture is the company is surviving on investors. Without investors, there would not be a company. It is not privately held. Anytime anyone makes an investment, you makes an investment so your investment goes up, not down. Why would anybody want to invest in a company that would dilute shares and dilute it again in a very short period and try to do a reversal split. After the reversal split, in my opinion they would try to dilute more shares after reversal split. They do not seem to get the bigger picture. If you go on Yahoo Finance, they have a book value of -0.90. They have insider shares of 3.27% and institutions own 10.7%. Inmy opinion, the insiders own less than 4% and most of these shares were probably given to them. Institution is a little bit over 10%. Now you have other investors who actually believe in this drug. They do not have faith or trust in the management or CEO because they are ripping off investors. These tactics are diluting the shares and reversal splits and diluting again. Maybe if they had faith in their own cmpany they would actually buy shares in it and hold a lot more than 4%. They could take a paycut and no bonuses until the drug is FDA approved. Instead they are wastingmoney and ripping off investors.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell