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  • billglueck billglueck Mar 16, 2011 1:25 PM Flag

    Yesterday's Bargain Hunting

    Have been flush with cash recently...about 85% of my holdings just sitting on the sidelines watching the Dow correct.

    Yesterday I decided to do some bargain hunting. Bought some stocks that corrected more than their peers and that were at levels I hadn't owned them at in a long time. Have owned most of these names for the last three years but sold them and took profits so I looked at yesterday as a chance to buy them back on the cheap. I think they could still go lower if the Dow corrects back to 11,000 or if the Japan situation gets even worse but in looking at the charts and prices I'm happy to own these stocks at yesterday's prices.

    Here's what I bought:

    1. SSN Re-loaded at levels I never thought I'd see just a couple days ahead of the fraccing of Rodney and with the knowledge the crew and equipment are on site ready to go. Great deal IMO.

    2. SDCJF Got in at $.67 and sold my shares at $1.11, $1.10, and $1.07 once it was obvious the oil trade was unwinding. Bought my shares back yesterday.

    3. GWMGF I've made a lot of dough on this stock on two very nice trips. Last time I sold this stock it was at $.90. Corrected back into the $.70s again so I re-loaded. Love the volatility of this stock.

    4. LYSCF Sold my shares a while ago. Yesterday they were dirt cheap so I re-loaded.

    5. MDW Great gold stock. Found this one at $.65 and it had a great run up like SSN. Sold my shares and took profits a bit too soon but was able to buy it back cheap yesterday.

    6. AXAS Been in and out of AXAS for the last three years. It corrected quite a bit more than its peers and was dirt cheap yesterday so I bought a full position.

    7. UURAF Similar play to GWMGF. Had sold my shares and made a lot of dough and couldn't pass it up at yesterday's prices. Love the volatility of this stock. Back in again for another trip.

    Side note: Love the way PeteF is holding firm about $.72 which was the recent dilution price. No matter how bad the news seems to get the MMs seem to want to keep the floor on PeteF around $.72 Just interesting info to note. Didn't buy any but was tempted to do so.

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    • Why the need to convince the rest of us of your far superior trading style ? You are the uber-alles-trading-machine, the Goldman Sach of small time traders. Funny, how you made money on all of your trades Are you sure that you arent JPMorgan in sheep's clothing ? Wow, amazing skill.

    • Your clutter has got to go.



    • NTC, how'd that AXAS trade work out? Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Just like I called it. In fact that's one hell of a one day eight stock bargain buying spree.

      Anytime you or Goldie happen to make one nearly as good feel free to post the details like I did! LMAOF!

      Gotta go! Time to do more homework and make more money!!!!!

    • Bill... you just replied directly to my post, and you've replied directly to goldie's posts.. both of which are impossible if we are on ignore so you can cut it out.. that's just fyi so you don't keep looking so stupid responding directly to our posts but posting like you're not. It's funny tho.

      Number two, my point in your 20% trades is you're bragging about 20% on GWMGF, which had you bought back when goldie first brought it up and still held, you'd be at 300%. Same can be said with all your trading money, you'd be much better off just buying and holding.

      You're neurotic, you trip over dollars to pick up dimes, and your trades lose half the time anyway. When all you'd have to do is just buy and hold.. remember your .57 SSN shares you sold the day before the runup? Sure.. Terry Barr let you back in with the offering.. but still, you would have had those shares plus your idiotic sell due to your constant chasing of 20%.

      You've mentioned time and time again you have tax free accounts.. many posters don't.. my entire point to you is to tone down your rhetoric because I have seen numerous posters, numerous times, lose money following you. That's how they learn you not only are an idiot, but you also lie about your trades.

      I have more news for you.. everything that HAS happened WOULD have happened without your idiotic posts. We don't need you, please shut the f*ck up.

    • I haven't been in the game as long as you have. I cut my teeth on 09 on the banks just after they collapsed. I knew nothing about the market, I just knew that they couldn't let all of the banks go. I got in on BAC under $4 and C under$2 and rode them until they stagnated. I made a lot of money, but it was all luck.I knew nothing about banking so I moved on. I got into biotech and large cap pharm because that is (sort of) what I do for a living. I understand the industries very well. There wasn't enough money to be made in large cap pharm and small cap pharm is too hit or miss so I moved to energy. Oil, NG, and solar to be specific. I have been looking at fiber optics lately. I think that in the next few years the industry will explode. For now I am going to stick with oil and NG, there is a ton of money to be made here and I am learning a lot about the industry. I am ,however, going to start putting some money in fiber optics/optical networks.

    • Just bought some SYMX today at $2.89 sounds like a great energy deal happening.

    • Didn't see the news Blanda. Have been busy working. Might have blown this one but anytime I blow a trade and still make more than 20% in such a short time I have no complaints. My goal was to make about 20% on all eight of these trades and that's pretty much what I did except for PeteF which was about 2%.

      If you're still holding AXAS I wish you luck and higher highs tomorrow!

    • Hoke, for the last three years I have been sticking with domestic shale oil plays, U.S. and Canadian copper stocks, U.S. and Canadian Gold stocks and rare earths (GWMGF, UURAF and LYSCF). It's a trade that's been working for three years and I think it will continue to work and if you do your homework you can figure out which of the micro caps are likely to succeed and which are not. I generally stick with $5 stocks and under and the CEO is a huge factor in how well the stocks do.

      I've played the China, Brazil and Australian ETF indexes in the past and done well with them. I played some steel stocks many years ago when the micro mills were doing well and made good money on Steel micro caps. I played the REITS and real estate stocks back when they were hot. Before the crash I was making good money with Deere, CAT, Cummings and Terex on the China infrastructure play. I played the technology stocks back in 1998 and 1999 when they were hot.

      I try to stick with sectors that are hot and things I understand. The oilers are easy to understand. The gold and silver explorers are similar to oil E&Ps and are easy to understand and those sectors are hot now so that's where I'm hanging my hat.

      I made money on Nat gas plays before the price of nat gas crashed. If the Nat gas sector ever gets going again I'll play that sector again.

      What about you? What sectors do you like to play?

    • Bill, are you going to take nic bada up on his offer? That would be the way to redeem yourself and make a little money too.

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