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  • mo.ronster mo.ronster Mar 20, 2011 9:52 AM Flag

    Sold my SSN position on Thursday...

    and bought AXAS. I still like SSN in the long term, but I feel that AXAS will pop sooner than later. I think SSN could see low threes. IF it does, I'm back in. I see there was a big AXAS buy on Fri. confirming my beliefs. GL all.

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    • WOW AXAS is a monster Bakken Giant, didnt know that before you enlightened me:

      ''In Dunn and McKenzie Counties, North Dakota and Richland County, Montana, Abraxas elected to participate in six non-operated horizontal wells, targeting the Bakken or Three Forks formation, which are currently in progress. Two of the wells are drilling, two are completing and two are waiting on completion. Abraxas’ working interest ranges from 1.8% to 6.5% in each of these wells.''


      Cum on son, if you get hair on your chest, you can visit me and the SSN gang in Williams County where the Bakken Monster wells rules.

    • ssn is sort of scary given its a bet on one small part of the niobrara....well results could destroy the stock, but some good news is obivously baked in already given the run. i own axas as well as dble, and gmxr which acquired a bunch of bakken and niobrara acreage.

      i sold my ssn today given the run up over last week; will buy on dips if news is not terrible. extremely volatile and unclear whats in the price now.

    • bill may have been here early but he sold out at .57 the day before the big runup, he only got back in because the company was kind enough to do a share offering where they gave away shares to anyone willing to buy them at 10-15% under market price.

      Bill's advice is good for one thing, do the exact opposite.. so you're right, his posts do have value, they let you know 2 things, 1) what you should have done in the past, and 2) what not to do in the future.

      Lol.. that's my take on bill. Me personally, I've done very well with SSN, SDCJF, several of the rare earth's, those are all penny stocks I heard of reading this board. My gratitude goes out to all those who share!

    • I think they all work together
      and are trying to make us longs sell...
      Fear not Stay here SSN=$$$$$$$$$$$

      peace out kids,

    • Mo, I think you'll regret selling SSN as early as this week. All indicators point to a steep upward trend so we'll see.

    • No goldie, just getting opinions. Please do not put me in the middle of your bill issues. I appreciate the opinions of every contributor, particularly the people who have been in on this one for a while. Like ot ir not, Bill picked this one early just like you did. So I do appreciate his opinion. If you have an opinoin to offer on the subject that would be great.

    • Thanks Bill. I am currently overweight in GMXR. I love the stock and feel great about where they are going. I want to spread the love a bit, so I am looking at AXAS and DEJ. I think I will watch monday to see if it pulls back a little more. If not, I think there is still planty of upside. Thanks for the reply.

    • STFU you blowhard Billy!

      You aways buy at the bottom and sell at the top don't cha ya you puke liar


    • I think that is because it has such a low float and the news on it is very sporadic; so the shorts can really push it down slow and long between news events. But when there is news, she comes to life and screams like a Banchi Warrior.

    • jws425 - The shorts love AXAS - always have

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