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  • niobraraisadud niobraraisadud Jun 28, 2011 9:04 AM Flag

    Hey, I heard that

    unlike any other oil company in the world that SSN is so good that they don't even need to drill a well or even do
    3D seismic in order for people on the chat boards to put oil reserves on the company's books. Nop no 3P for SSN - its all 1P from day one!!!

    All SSN has to do is buy the land and then like magic, the oil just appears!!

    Assign whatever number of barrels to the well, don't worry about drilling one, or even IP rates, there is oil there.

    And those IP rates, well, just extrapolate them out for a year or two - those SSN wells won't behave like normal wells from other companies and have a decline curve, no sir. SSN is extraordinary.

    So extraordinary in fact that they'll be able to fund all those wells on a 160 acre spacing for both Wyoming and now Montana.

    Yep, they are so unlike any other oil company in the world that the funds for the 650 wells needed to fully develop Wyoming and Montana is going to fall out if the sky and right into SSN's lap.

    Just imagine they'll snap their fingers and some $3 billion is just going to drop in their laps.

    And just unlike any other oil formations in the world the oil is evenly distributed under the entire area of the Wyoming and Montana land that SSN can put down a well anywhere and get oil out!!!

    And even better yet, SSN has partners with some of the biggest companies in the sector and they never, ever drill a dry hole or have well completion problems!!

    All hail to SSN - the ultimate oil company.

    What a crock!

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    • All this from the out of work geologist formerly known as Baakenisadud.

    • Nio,

      Production from tight holes are not reported! They are confidential wells just as Ferg says and the production doesn't need to be reported for six months.

      Get up to speed on the oil biz kid! Ferg is right.

    • Yes, they do.

    • So Nio,

      If I haven't done everything you say I should do does that mean I have to give back all my winnings in SSN since $.57 per share???? I'm such a dope! Thanks for the education!

    • More garbage talk from those with foul mouths and little brains.

      Go to the Wyoming Oil and Gas web site, look up the numbers.

      They are sitting there right in front of you.

      If you don't know how to do it, ask, and I'll show you how.

      Next, if you don't believe the numbers on the web site, there is something called "Contact Us" on the web site.

      Send them an email message and ask the questions. It is really quite simple, and you can do it all by yourself.

      Maybe if you get the information and do the work yourself, you'll believe it.

      As people like you only believe the tripe and junk posted by the hypesters there is only one way to prove something to you types:


      Then you can post the results.

      I doubt that you'd have the balls to stay the things you post to my face.

      People like you are 100% scum.

    • its wallstreet that keep driving it up, not the hypsters you claim are doing it....

    • Neo, you obviously came to this board for only one reason. You created your name for that same reason. The "facts" you spit nobody will believe because you have been consistently wrong and lied through your teeth, time and time again, and your entire existence on this forum has been nothing but bashing. Why should we listen to you when your sole purpose isn't to make an educated investment decision, but to cast doubt on TB and SSN, and to bash the stock. When you can show proof of the facts with links and pages and names of these people you talked to, and back up everything you say in all your lame little threads and posts than people would take consideration upon your opinion, the same as we do the upstanding posters on this forum.
      Otherwise, why don't you take your little buddies somewhere else for their reach arounds.

    • One other it hype when a stock goes from $.57 to $4.75 in 18 months??? I've been told you can make real money when that happens. What are your thoughts on that?

      What does it mean that SSN has zero debt on its balance sheet? Is that common for an oil E&P?

    • Here are some numbers for you. How about 13k shares at $.57 and 40k more shares between $1 and $2 and some trading shares to go with the "core" holdings!

      Does that math work for you? Make another post when you're out of diapers kid! :)

    • BFD.

      Talk the numbers and the facts or be an ignoramus just like the other hypesters on the board

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