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  • tttuck tttuck Feb 18, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    So what do you think?

    SSN will have to come up with money to cover our drilling program for 2013. So where do you think they get it? Land sell? JV? Share issue? Borrow? A combination of each? What do educated investors of SSN think?TIA

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Land sell? JV? Share issue? Borrow? A combination of each?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      1) land sell????
      which land would they sell? stockyard is their only holding worth anything...
      2) JV???
      I dont see anyone/hal banging on doors lookin to exploit the Ghole, the S. Prairie,, or etc, etc...
      now they could JV their whopping stockyard interest, but remember SSN has over 60% WI in return for NRI in the 40% area...
      3) borrow???
      surely you gest!!! the gambling investment dollars have vanished....
      4) Share issue????
      is their only shot.... But if you have my view of NA energy sector,, then you wouldn`t touch a PP at more than .25/share....
      but I aint no educated investor,,, as any FOOL can see and smell SSN for what it is...

    • Feb 18, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

      to have strategic partners NOT speculators who dont give a #$%$ about any thing!!! just to play with the stock price BASED ON NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

    • Disn't you read the last press release? TB said ... that he is in the process of closing on a borrowing deal.... reread the release... so I think the deal is close to being done , that is why SSN has start a rise.... also I think this round of drilling will be much more successfull because the JV has some serious skin in the game. Good Luck to all and remember do your own research ...

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