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  • joechentva joechentva Jun 24, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    The mysterious eastern WY Niobrara near Front Range

    Zoom, good find. The Defender gas production in March & April seems to be correct. The well is no longer on confy list. But the gas sale has been zero so far, ???? May be flared off, or compressed on site for storage, etc.

    The typical producing formations in this vast area is as follows: 5000' to 7500' depth, starts from Pierre shale group interbeded with several sand stone layers. These are known conventional pay zones produce plenty of NG and NGL, by perfed vertical wells. From 7500' to 7800' depth is the Niobrara group limestone (Nio-A, B & C) interbeded with thin tight shales, this group supposed to hold oil, NG and NGL mix. Just like the rich southern Wattenburg, Bradford and Silo fields.

    Defender started the lat turn at 6879', reached Niobrara at 6936', lateral produc casing started at 7282', perfed to 11217' total MD. This was the first stage completion work in Feb 2012. After some oil production and difficulties, sand, water, no/low pressure, extreme fractures, etc. The NG production (includes NGL)started to pick up in Sept 2012. The record shows production level starts from 5957' depth to the toe of the lateral bore. the interval from 5957' to 7500' is the Pierre shale group conventional pay zones.

    Could it be possible that HAL perf the vert portion and started producing from the thick Pierre group???

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    • bout as misterious as a shilong up a goats axx


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    • Why would there be no gas sales? Pipeline or storage facilities in place? If it was flared off why would flareoff be measured and recorded?

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      • tttuck, the gas production numbers in March and April should be correct, because they were reported separately in May and June, least likely to make the same mistake twice.

        Defender has been producing gas since 2012, may be there is not any take away capacity. Either to flare off or compressed for on-site storage. The flow rates of oil, NG and NGL are usuually recorded by ready installed flow meters. The separator will show how much NGL is produced, but it could be reported as part of the NG total MCF.

        The almost 1000' of Pierre shale column (it was behind pipe) could be a hefty NG producer by just perf the vertical casing. If HAL and SSN have all-depths lease right, it's only a matter of back-fit documentation.

        It is also possible the down hole rework (re-frack??) has reached sealed high pressure gas chambers along the lateral bore in the Nio pay zones. If this is the case, HAL and SSN probably would not make a PR for it, since this may indicate the eastern WY Goshen Niobrara is over cooked for oil, just like the Mancos group (western Niobrara included) in Piceane, Green River basins and Utah. But it could be very rich in NG & NGL, in thick column (3000'+) of pay zones and easy to drill vertical wells at 10-acre spacing. NGL can fetch up to $40/BBL at well head.

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