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  • jimmyratessnthongboy jimmyratessnthongboy Sep 3, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    Frontier 24

    Frontier 24 Drilling contract “was weighing Samson down” and “it was a blessing to get out of that”

    yeah this was weighing them down alright. they never should have attempted to go it alone! now what is left? no rig, 1800' of drill pipe cemented in the hole and TB says its a blessing. the only blessing is his salary will be supported while he figures his way out of this 4 way cluster #$%$'k'erooney

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    • Wait until Aussyland finds out that TB put the Tofte pad on Petro-Hunt's leasehold lot 10 by 150 feet and owes a percentage off the top for those wells (Tooheys and Cooper - Bakken then Hahn and James Boag - Three Forks).It's not just the Frontier rig 24 crew messing up.

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      • So TB responded after post, Petro-Hunt is in on our percentage so our 50.05% is now 27.76% on Tooheys 4-15-14HBK and Coopers 2-15-14HBK wells as just reported for the Tofte pad that starts from section 10 and the lateral goes across section 15 and 14. Just saved your butts and you thumb down because you can't read schematics or just don't care, or maybe DD isn't your thing. I ready to buy back 500K shares after FRAC and you guys treat me like a short. Thanks Zoom is light in shares right now.

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