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  • ntc_bada_bing ntc_bada_bing Sep 26, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Undeniable short term future for SSN

    5 more wells over the next month or two..
    Who here really thinks this can't get the share price to at least .60?!
    News coming soon Slawson will fix SSN's mess up, which that unknown is probably holding back some gains.
    Even if they don't, it'll be a short term dip because it's not our cash to fix it, we already paid for the replacement drill bit.
    TMB will promote SSN's other opportunities, something may happen with Roosevelt (may not, doesn't matter nothing is built in for it now).
    All this put together, I see .60 minimum near future and that's a very low target, basically worst case scenario.. unless Slawson can't drill and just got lucky on the first well. Highly unlikely.
    Just the fax, ma'am.

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    • may be .06c

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    • Would say best oil play now.....jmho

    • When they announced the adjusted PV-10 reserves the price adjusted accordingly to reflect with the Slawson deal. Just remember stocks always trade forward on guidance. Nothing has changed except the market cap is now double what the reserves are worth. It's as simple as that.

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      • 3 Replies to logantrader1960
      • loagn, one other thing.. I noticed you didn't try to challenge my statement of the undeniable short term future for SSN. It is undeniable, it is happening, it's a fact. The guess is market reaction. When all 6 wells are pumping oil, do you really not see this selling for more than it is today? You think all the success is factored in and none of the risk, at only 2x reserves? That's pretty cheap!

      • logan.. It's not quite as simple as that.. there is a big difference between oil in the ground and selling oil. If the rest of the wells go without problems, you remove the possibility of problems, which that possibility should also be factored in to share price at current. Basically, right now guidance is we will sell oil once we drill.. share price should reflect a average of all risk and reward associated, once the risk is removed, share price should go up accordingly. Same is true for the other SSN prospects. What if Roosevelt gets a buyer, or a partner? Rainbow? We have no guidance on either right now, or very little.
        And if SSN is trading at 2x reserves worth, not factoring in cash and the other prospects, that would be extremely undervalued by comparison to peers, would it not? -Note, I did not research your comment for accuracy, just commented on your comment.

      • andymaxwell Sep 26, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

        loganwipe 29 samson wells have yet to be completed in the bakken and 3 forks and pud has not even been taken into consideration in the s/p. the only thing simple is seeing your lying sak os bashing fraud BS posts on this message board.and the "fact" that you are only an expert on toilet paper texture. "I never have and never will own SSN or SSN.AX and that is a fact". try blowing it out your bloody hole poochie - that way you will be getting it over with in one giant explosion....

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    • andymaxwell Sep 26, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

      not too cool the night stalker it's already been confirmed you are a lying sak os basher fraud who continues to bash samson and tmb and lied about buying ssn shares. you been busted over and over - "just the fax little boy"

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