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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Oct 1, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    Deciphering the latest advisory...

    Well I read the advisory and came to these viable conclusions.

    A. Sounds like Coopers and Tooheys is making pretty good progress. (Good for Slawson)
    B. The advisory stated "Wireline operations indicate that the internal diameter of the drill pipe is free of cement which will allow back off operations to proceed". (Stupid Statement)
    C. I never heard of the internal part of the drill pipe being cemented so while it may sound like good news why even post it? (Must have been thought about by TMB)
    D. If the well wasn't economically feasible to start the milling they wouldn't even move a rig to start this procedure. (Good move for Slawson)
    E. Probably a good thing Slawson took over the operation and are now calling the shots. (I heard that!)
    F. The price momentum of this equity or lack there of, is already figured into the pricing of this equity no matter how the initial flow rate is due to the decline rates in a few months. (Reality)

    Nevertheless pretty much a non-event and business as usual with SSN and no real news and no momentum in the upside to this equity. (What else did you expect?)

    Bottom line best move on to a real producer of oil with better possibilities and more control over their future.
    I will add before I close that the possibility of a buy-out looks better than ever now that someone else (Slawson) has taken control and I feel a good buyout price will be in the .55-.60 range. (Best case scenario)

    Disclosure: IMHO!

    Sentiment: Strongest Sell in the Oil Patch!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You remind me of Tucker from "Something about Mary".

    • Slawson was the best move TB could have made. They brought in the Key NRG rig to fix the mess made by the cheap labor crew that TB hired to cement the liners in on Billabong. Major screw-up was fixed Friday afternoon. Then he's playing movie star in San Fran and he'll release the information this morning in front of the cameras when Slawson had it fixed Friday afternoon. His last advisory was time late and senseless.

      To beat that the stock will go up after all is said and done. I guess two bad's do make a good.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Thanks logan for bringing the reality of it. I'm sure jiimywhatever and andywhatever will be here to pump.
      It seems though that price speaks louder than both of 'em.

      Thanks again.

      • 2 Replies to bydbuyer
      • Just think about the statement of giving the "all clear" for no cement in the inner part of the drill pipe! I mean I have heard a lot of stuff in the oil patch and have experienced several different problems associated with oil and gas drilling, but to post a statement that says no cement in the inner drill pipe is just unbelievable. You have to put yourself in the situation and think the pusher had to ask the cement company "Are you sure you cemented this on the outside and not inside"? This has to be the most stupid PR I have ever read in my entire career and yes Andy I am actively involved in oil and gas operations.

        I'm sure there will be some loud chuckles in the background in SF when TMB steps up to the podium and gives his speech.

        I must say if nothing else this has to be the most entertaining oil company that ever drilled on US soil and my best advise is for TMB to quietly board a jet and get back to his land down under to spare anymore embarrassment to ANY operator producing oil and gas in the USA today!

        Disclosure: IMHO

        Sentiment: Strongest Sell in the Oil Patch

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • andymaxwell Oct 1, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

        bydloser are you going to pee in your pants with the SF webcast? yes I thought so. bed wetting in prison is totally frowned upon and can lead to some very severe punishment - and not just from the guards. try and have a nice night (that is until lights out).....

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • andymaxwell Oct 1, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

      loganwipe lying sak os basher frauds like you draw no conclusions you draw five cents a post from your boss. and I can tell it's not nearly enough to keep a monthly accounting budget for cheap peso general wipe. but you keep blowing out the rectal cavity as hard as possible and keep cleaning up the carnage. keep that do-nut cushion scenario close poochie...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to andymaxwell
      • You know Andy you seem to be the expert at wipers. You may want to shoot TMB a note to make sure they got the top wiper and the bottom wiper in the right position. You know if you put the top wiper in the bottom wiper position this could WIPE the whole operation out of whack! Kind of sounds what happened.

        Of course this would be no surprise being how they put the jet pump on the wrong way back at the Defender or SOA, but you get the gist of the conversation. And like Zoombee indicated you don't cement with a freaking drill bit / through a drill bit so when he (You?) posted that the other day I couldn't help but laugh thinking they retrieved the bit LOL.

        I think an old poster once said Key Stone Cops of the oil patch which now seems to be an understatement with yesterdays news / PR.

        Better be glad Slawson has the Bull by the horns now because without them .20c would be reality.

        Sentiment: Strongest Sell in the Oil Patch!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • andywhatever, try if you can to get out of the sewer. You've lost your money. Move on.
        It is possible, I guess, that you are here for "other" reasons. LOL

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