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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Oct 14, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    Latest advisory break down.

    While it's not surprising to see the usual exhilaration we see here tonight on this board after the latest PR lets just break this latest advisory down a bit.

    1. According to the report it has taken about 3-4 weeks to pull 360' of pipe out from the TMB Bilibong screw-up. A slow process indeed costing lots of needed cash.
    2. 9700 BO in 17 days from the Sail and Anchor is approximately 142BOD Net to Samson.
    3. Estimated over 2.7 Billion Shares Outstanding (I just can't keep up with the amount). To many shareholders have to share all of the dilution.
    4. No increase in net reserves and the stock is currently trading 2X proven reserves.
    5. Not surprising no real action over at the AX. You might just consider the news Old at best. Actually they new these numbers earlier and down in the US once again.
    6. Decline rate is substantial and that is why they are choking this back.

    Pretty much the same old washed out news with no real substance. With the stock trading at 2 X proven reserve I am really amazed it is where it is today, but you will always have dreamers and the ill-informed thinking this will be the next KOG.

    As always IMHO


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    • Just the same old stuff from the 10/24 advisory. Stock trading 2X proven reserves still the same.

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    • Good post! what Logan is trying to say in a nice way is you have to be pretty stupid to invest in a pos company like SSN and you deserve to lose every penny you invested for your stupidity. STRONG SELL? the biggest understatement of all time.

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      • fkkkkyou dwt you lying pos hows that prediction of mhr being a loser look now......its stuck up your short.arrrrrrz you bash i buy thanks for your bashing i've made about 75k going against your sackawwwwchttttt calls glad your over here dumbarrrzzz. now i'm 100% sure my investment will make me a killing..........YOU BASH I BUY.......what a pos

      • Yeah I'm not much of a fan of the wannabe get rich on SSN crowd DWT, but I stick with my convictions which have been correct so far.

        Somewhere deep in this thread I even posted to Andy I thought this Stockyard deal was the best thing SSN had done in a while and almost pulled the plug on a small 50K share purchase. When the Bilibong went south that was the dagger in the heart for SSN as well as the share holder, but I will probably not get through those dreamers no matter what I post so I guess now I will just try and educate and watch this go to zero.

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    • IMHO my #$%$. STRONGEST SELL IN THE PATCH? The reserves number means nothing btw because they haven't brought on their new wells yet. Reserves will GROW as successful wells are drilled. The market is FORWARD LOOKING, not BACKWARD LOOKING like you.

    • 1. The point is they are doing it succesfully
      2. Your math is wrong
      3. # of shares outstanding is irrelevent. Total market cap is what matters.
      4. Reserves won't change until year end. They will increase with the addition of 3 new wells flowing within 6 weeks.
      5. The AX is not the primary market. In terms of notional dollars traded the SSN ADR is what matters.
      6. Decline rates are same all over the Bakken.

      Get production to 1000 and 1.00 share price values this at a 25% discount to KOG which has significant debt. SSN has zero debt. This is definitely not the next KOG but they are bringing on successful wells. You continue to post nothing but bearish posts which shows you are completely biased which is a useless trait for a trader.

      The stock action has been #$%$ for the last month and I am giving this stock another 2 months or so to perform before I dump it.

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      • 1. Without Slawson this would have been dead after the Bilibong.
        2. Where is it wrong?
        3. Outstanding shares being printed at a lower cost than the original investors buy-in is a must read. This applies to any stock not just this one.
        4. Go and read the annual report once again. They don't lie about proven and estimated future reserves.
        5. Pick up a book on investing and check back in.
        6. They are close all over the Bakken and mark this post when that 142BOD turns into 60BOD in about 4 months.

        I don't doubt the fact of debt or no debt with KOG VS SSN. KOG is paying their bills with there production and SSN is printing shares each time at a lower cost than the original shareholder buy-in. Time will tell where SSN will be in a year, but if the future performance is anything like the past the trend is not looking good.

        So your already talking about dumping? That also seems to be the trend here so GL with your decision!

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      • He's consistent and seemingly unscrupulous in performing in performing his duties.

    • andymaxwell Oct 14, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

      loganwipe the samson message board bleeding roidal a.sswipe it's really a matter of whether you can read or not. in your case it's NOT. the timing of your appearance on this board makes me wonder whether you are also breeding human cave gerbils because of your rectal fluid release problems. is it something stuck up in there from years of living in odessa? maybe I underestimate you pervs - in today's bidness environment there is money to be made illegally anywhere. watch out for those unbred in the bowel knock-off look-alikes poochie. good luck and watch that forced pushing problem....

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    • 2." 9700 BO in 17 days from the Sail and Anchor is approximately 142BOD Net to Samson" explain how you came up with this!! You're obviously math handicapped or a compulsive liar. Which is it?

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