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  • panalta2000 panalta2000 Nov 2, 2013 7:04 PM Flag

    What is best estimate for production numbers for 4 new wells to be out


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    • Morning Gentlemen & Ladies
      We are jumping around here from pad to pad and aren't ready in either Tofte1 or Tofte2 pads.
      Let me straighten out TB's dilemma.
      The drill pipe got cemented in Billabong by some yahoo's.
      Now let me show you Tofte1 pad.

      SAIL & ANCHOR 4-13-14HBK
      DUCKSTEIN 1-13-14H
      BILLABONG 2-13-14HBK
      BLACKDOG 3-13-14H

      Instead of waiting to FRAC all 4 wells together TB elected to FRAC just one well, the SAIL & ANCHOR.
      He hasn't finished Tofte1.

      Huge surprise is introduced. Discovery by Continental of the Three Forks Bench 2 & 3 where 37 feet of addition Oil play is discovered and proved. Now we have additional oil in the Three Forks Bench 1 is 72 feet below the Bakken and is about 51 feet of play, Bench 2 and 3 follow even further below with 37 feet of play.

      So now here comes the good part. Samson had 14 infill wells (4 in Tofte1 and 3 in Tofte2) the 7 being planned. Now we have 2 Three Fork benches below that have to be touched before "Proved reserves" get tripled. TB gets funky and drops the "TF" off his well names when he drills to the 3 benches in the Three Forks formation, So more good news, here comes the Tfte2 pad.

      LITTLE CREATURE 1-15-14H
      COOPERS 2-15-14HBK
      TOOHEYS 4-15-14HBK

      Surprise Little Creature your Vertical Depth and Lateral start is below Three Forks Bench 1.
      TB will 10X this bad boy.

      One other note Zavanna drilled our NSI 23-24 in-fill well in South Stockyard Creek and hit big with 35K MCF in one moth no oil extracted yet but we have a percentage in that well.

      Oh this is an Oil stock board - please post accordingly.

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      • andymaxwell Nov 3, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

        cool stuff zoom thanx - nsy in-fill 3-forks spacing and formation downhole drilling location navigation changing plus the hawk springs perm/penn 8000' vertical bluff-federal farmout is to spud soon and south prairie prospect pubco deering birch mission canyon wells to be drilled soon also. I expect Roosevelt news (sale or prairie falcon farmout) to be presented in the agm in a couple of weeks. timing has always been tmb's game so stay tuned. ssn share price fuse is lit...

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    • Depends, it could be 5BPOPD, 1000BOD. Will see. Speculation is the key. Like in poker it could be a pair or a straight flush. Again, will see. Don't let this go any lower or the bottom feeders will take over and it is already start in, we need to stop the shorts. DA's!

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