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  • rr_piper rr_piper Aug 9, 2014 11:51 AM Flag


    To anyone or company (ie: SSN) considering leagal action against the lies being spewed on this message board in regards to SSN. Years ago I owned a company calle Aquavie Water...they made a great tasting flavored water... anyways the product was very good and sales were increasing...then came the bashers on the Yahoo message board with the lies and postings under multiple handles(sound familiar?) and the stock began to fall and eventually went out of business. The Company DID track the lying bashers down using a prosecutor who investigated with the help of Yahoo which was more than happy to do so. Well the people involved WERE arrested, WERE tried in a FEDERAL court, and WERE found guilty of various charges and DID GO TO A FEDERAL PRISON (they still might be there enjoying there stay). Good luck to all, some might need it more than others.

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    • Sounds familiar. There is a golden pitchfork here, who bashed from prison on Thanksgiving day.. a familyless loser.

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    • Not trying to #$%$ you off, but their is a big difference between water and oil!!! Water is abundant. Oil is in demand. Bashers in the short term can depress an oil stock, but if growth is there then the stock price will rise and there is nothing anyone can do about it.....PERIOD

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    • Vern- who cares about the listing requirements. As a short you figure it out. I feel very confident with my 600k shares long. Period.

      my message to you is this vern: stop implying on the message board i control, or influence the price and that i have inside info. Stop lieing. Period.
      got it vern? I mean business mr. Vern. My 600k shares are very, very important to me.

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    • Zombie keep it clean.

      Your Internet service provider is the 1st step to capture the chain on the act, for the civil suit. A subpoena/request to Yahoo is very simple request, (Which Yahoo always grants so they also do not get sued) while filing suit, for the ISP of Fake Jiimy. That is how the pain starts Fake jimmy/Zombie. It is quite simple.



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    • I recorded all of your posts and printed these out as well as ones by Jiimy, Andy and the rest.
      A pure defamation of character suit and we will see you in court!

      Boys I got them all so you can delete as much as you want starting right now, but you are all HAD!

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      Hey ZOMBIE......I'm soooo confused !!
      by rr_piper • May 13, 2014 12:19 PM

      I feel like there is sooo many good things going on at SSN that I need a score card to keep track of it all !! LOL !!! I feel like a hillbilly kid in a candy store !! LOL ... hey ZOMBIE .....I see you... I saw your male "life partner" was with you again ... another fight over money?... so sad ... look around I see you .

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      • andymaxwell Aug 11, 2014 9:41 AM Flag

        yessiree bob gagamaggotfagwell.........getting the samson oil and gas inc. message board posting documentation together for the last 2 years is just the first thing you need to do for your defense of felony defamation libel slander and fraud charges......the second thing you need to do is retain a competent trial attorney who has experience in federal court........they run roughly $300-400 per billing hour if they decide to take your case........that goes for the rest of you lying sak os basher frauds.......LMFAO

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    • Were it only so. I find this very hard to believe. Perhaps you'll cite the case or cases online since this would be a matter of public record. Make no mistake, I'm all for folks being held accountable and owning their words as well as having to use their legal names when they post, but this is not utopia; it serves as a social outlet (however lame) for many, much less a nexus for serious investors, imo.

    • Let's also explore the amazing coincidences of a Oil Conference in London, an emphatic board announcement by Sandy of 18 t0 20 new prospects, which were not announced yet, Jiimy's amazing prediction of a $0.10 rise in the the pps just after the conference, and within a few days the pps went up an amazing $0.10. And, let's also explore the bragging by Jiimy of making a boat load of money on it.

      It's also important to wonder how the NYSE MKT can allow a stock to be traded on its Exchange which has not been over $1 since December 3, 2012, and why on the Samson's Web site under the heading "Terry's Topics" the very first .pdf file of the shelf requirements in the USA mentions the listing requirements of the NYSE MKT, but the link goes to a non-existent page at the Wall Street Journal.

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