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Shire plc Message Board

  • shiretart shiretart Dec 17, 2002 7:06 AM Flag

    Oh Brother!

    IMHO I think that a lot of you folk are missing several important points.

    Fundamentally, Shire is a robust organisation despite the concerted efforts of the board of Directors and of a few correspondants to this board. It is cash rich with a good pipeline of drugs. Remember it is a Global company, not just a local U.S. organisation....Also, I use Celltech to benchmark the markets attitude to Shire, and they are way out of contention at the moment....

    Yes, it does have it's own health problem. It has a serious cancer in the boardroom that needs medication. Until the uncertainty and poor performance of the board over this past year is resolved, there is little prospect of stock recovery.

    But meanwhile, if you are a stock holder, be honest to your instincts. If you are not stock holders, but have the same attitude as others like "i_left_the_cult" ask yourself exactly what positive, constructive contribution are you making to this board?