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  • datisall datisall Mar 13, 2003 10:39 PM Flag

    Whats' new with the CEO?

    Sounds like someone is has some jealousy issues with little ole Shire US Inc.
    Hey I did not graduate from Harvard, but it does not take Albert Einstein to see that this little company has had some serious success with the launch of their new product Adderall XR. Not to mention they have taken the market away from Concerta in only 1 year.

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    • Hey Datisall....Shire has not taken away the market from Concerta....yes Shire's XR has kept the growth of Concerta down over the last year but the fact still remains that they both have equivalent market share nationally. Add to that the fact that doctors really dont perceive any valuable difference between the two of them. Wait until Shire has their mind warped reps out there selling methylphinidate this year, then the crap will really hit the fan....cant wait to see it.

    • What rock are you living under? They may have moved their BID share to XR, which isn't exactly impressive since it's somewhat of a no-brainer. But have you looked at the marketshare lately? Concerta and now Strattera are definitely players... You obviously collect a biweekly paycheck from the cult.

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      • Under a Rock......Clever, but I am not sure you are keeping up with the times or you just don't understand the industry. Yes it was a no brainer to go BID to QD, but how often does it happen so fast (as far as conversions)? I have the answer for you, NEVER! Concerta and Strattera are players? Correct me if I am wrong, but did Concerta not launch a good while before XR. If it was a player, why would it not be growing right now? I do believe XR is growing in the face of Strattera..... I'm not sure about the "Cult Comment" but my investment is not a bad one and I do believe it will be worth the investment by next year. Try Reading some current information on the Market, it may help you out.

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