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  • xscriptreader xscriptreader Mar 20, 2003 7:56 PM Flag

    Whats' new with the CEO?

    Ask Joe Biederman....oh hell he must not no anything.....yeah right!

    I didnt think Strattera's data was all that great when I looked at it either, and the side effects sure in the heck would scare me from considering it as a viable theraputic option but I am not hearing that concern from a lot of docs. All of them say that the drug seems to be working, all be it with a few exceptions, but even the great Adderall Xr has not worked for all.

    I realize that Biederaman is now on Lilly's team, but not so long ago he was on Shire's so if you attack his credibility in backing Strattera you must do the same for when he was backing Adderall Xr. I just find it hard to believe the guy would stake his reputation on a loser.

    By the way I dont work for Lilly so jealousy is not a component in the truth I speak. I am just sitting back and enjoying the game.

    Take care...and be wary of redneck ex-cellphone salesman with red sneakers and a sales presentation longer than the last Tom Clancy novel. Ahh....dont worry doc your paying customers wont mind that 30 minutes you spend talking with your Shire rep--they really do enjoy the wait.