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  • shiretart shiretart Jul 29, 2003 7:46 PM Flag

    Investor relations.

    Well, if you read my post, I think it made the position clear enough.

    But as you don't seem to understand, just look back to the way that Shire has evolved from say, 1999.

    At that time, investor relations was a holy grail in the company. Hardly could Stahel move without there being a press release on it. Investors large and small were kept fully informed of the direction and purpose of the Shire Group.

    The working mantra of the Shire board was to "underpromise and over deliver."

    Look at now. Read the posts on this board, from people wanting to know the most fundamental information on the progress of their investment. Look at the handling of the Board room coup that ousted Stahel. Look at the misinformation about Shire recruiting a new "Big Hitter" CEO.

    Look at his lack of public face. Ask yourself just what is going on inside Shire, and unless you are actually in a position of "responsibility"....then the short answer, as an investor, you know sweet f.a.

    So what is the current mantra "say nothing, then delivery is unimportant"?

    Sorry, this company shows all the outward appearance of being in a period of stagnation. The next step is decline. Some say that that has already started.

    All IMHO of course..

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    • conference call-things we would like to here:
      1. accurate timing reason for delay of fosrenol;
      2. current script trends for Adderall XR impact of strattera;
      3. adderall XR generic when? Liklihood of staving off generic-is this the same drug delivery technology being used to reach bio-equivalence? (If not Shire has a problem;
      4. Generic entry 2003/2004 for proamatine,pentasa and agrylin in the US-whats the level of threat given the entrise in the orange book;
      5. growth drivers for 2003/2004 are ?

      good positve answers to the above and we are all off to the races......

      In my dreams-I bet none of the above are addressed.

    • Be patient.

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      • How does patience reconcile with the lack of information - over an extended period of time - as described by Shiretart ?

        If you accept her point of view, 3 years has already consumed a lot of patience.

        For sure, information flow from Shire IS significantly poorer than when Stephen Stamp / Tina Moyce had that responsibility. Perhaps there are no people with an I.R. responsibility anymore?