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  • shiretart shiretart Jul 21, 2003 4:10 AM Flag

    Investor relations.

    Could anyone please advise, Do Shire have an investor relations - or Corporate communications - department? - If they have, perhaps someone on the inside could advise when the wasters are going to get off of their useless butts and start to tell the investing public just what is going on?

    And while they are at it, perhaps the new faceless, equally silent CEO, could come back off holiday or house hunting in Florida, and demonstrate that he is a leader and not a follower.

    Presumably, he has fulfilled his ambition to get out of Europe, and returned to the U.S. by now.

    This company really could do with the return of the Stahel/Stamp partnership. It has been ineffectual since early 2000.

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    • Hope you are satisfied with the recent flurry of information lassie. Have not heardread from you. Are you bathing in Shire stock?

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      • One Swallow does not make a summer.

        Ask again in 6 months, once the new ceo has settled in, and people are not just reacting to protect their jobs.

        I WILL be impressed if the quantity of information is maintained, and quality improved over that period of time.

        Please also do not refer to me as "lassie". I am neither a Scot nor a dog.

    • What is your grudge against Shire dude?

      Why are you pissed of Shire?.

      Make a point here as to why this is a sell.

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      • Well, if you read my post, I think it made the position clear enough.

        But as you don't seem to understand, just look back to the way that Shire has evolved from say, 1999.

        At that time, investor relations was a holy grail in the company. Hardly could Stahel move without there being a press release on it. Investors large and small were kept fully informed of the direction and purpose of the Shire Group.

        The working mantra of the Shire board was to "underpromise and over deliver."

        Look at now. Read the posts on this board, from people wanting to know the most fundamental information on the progress of their investment. Look at the handling of the Board room coup that ousted Stahel. Look at the misinformation about Shire recruiting a new "Big Hitter" CEO.

        Look at his lack of public face. Ask yourself just what is going on inside Shire, and unless you are actually in a position of "responsibility"....then the short answer, as an investor, you know sweet f.a.

        So what is the current mantra "say nothing, then delivery is unimportant"?

        Sorry, this company shows all the outward appearance of being in a period of stagnation. The next step is decline. Some say that that has already started.

        All IMHO of course..

    • as limp as three day old salad-they have a false sense of security because of the adderall sales-IMO these will tail off dramatically when the generic adderall XR hits the market (2004?)/stattera sales pick up(now!). Generic penetration can hit as high as 80%of sales in the US. Their two year forecasts should be interesting.

      Other than Fosrenol (which may well have a tail and four legs) what else have they got near term?

      2001/2002-the wilderness years. Looks ripe for a slash and burn purchase.