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  • fgnoms fgnoms Oct 21, 2004 8:02 AM Flag



    Personally I've always found your views on Shire both informative and inspiring. I wish I could say the same about your evangelical christian agenda but to be honest I find it both offensive and totally uninspiring. As a non american I find the general level of the whole policital debate to be naive and insular - I guess thats probably appropriate for the audience but then what do we know in europe. We cant generally rely on divine guidance. Thanks for listening folks and God bless America (as they say).

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    • ---------------------

      The Simon Wiesenthal Center has issued a travel advisory to its 400,000 constituent members urging �extreme caution� when traveling to France and Belgium.

      The full text of the advisory, available at, refers to the �unabated� attacks against synagogues, Jewish institutions, Jewish schoolchildren, and pedestrians in various French cities including; Paris, Marseilles, and Lyon.

      In Belgium, the Chief Rabbi of Belgium was assaulted on the streets of Brussels and there are reports that religious Jews have been advised not to wear the traditional skullcap while walking in public.

      �It is tragic and outrageous that authorities in France and Belgium have failed to take the necessary steps to secure the safety of all their citizens. Instead, we are witnessing the virtual daily spectacle of threats, intimidation and violent attacks against Jews inspired primarily by events in the Middle East,� said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who recently met with senior officials in Paris including French Interior Minister Daniel Vaillant. He added that the Center would reevaluate the situations on a monthly basis or as developments on the ground warrant.

      Yeah jews can travel safely through europe as long as nobody ca tell they are jewish.



      The simon weisenthal center has travel advisories for half the countries in europe. Most recently france-belgium-greece.

      That's where i get that crap? A major jewish human rights organization.


    • My euro pal says that deeply intellectual europeans have known all along that saddam was never a threat. That's why germany and france supported the first gulf war and numerous un resolutions and sanctions for over a decade. Resolutions and sanctions for a guy who is no threat.

      From un resolution 1441:
      Text of UN Security Council Resolution on Iraq: November 8, 2002

      "Recognizing the threat Iraq�s non-compliance with Council resolutions and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles poses to international peace and security,"

      If france, germany, china and russia did not believe those words then why did they vote for this? The vote was 15-0! Why did tony blair insist that iraq was a threat? Why did bill clinton bomb iraq in 1998? Because saddam's feet smelled? These dishonest brain dead liberals act as if george bush made up the whole idea that saddam was a threat when most of the world believed that for more tha a decade. We have dozens of quotes from bill clinton, john kerry, hillary clinton, vlad putin all indicating that saddam was a threat. They were all lying? As part of 1441 was the line that if saddam did not comply(he didn't) there would be dire consequences. Just what did the french think that was supposed to mean? Taking saddam off the christmas card list?

      According to my european friend saddam was and never would have been a threat. The united states of america and isreal are on the other hand threatening to him. According to my european friend yasser arafat is a great peace maker a hero but george Bush is evil.



    • What are you talking about? We could bring a couple of aircraft carriers along the lebanese coast and bomb the living crap out of damascus. We could do that indefinitely and syria would have no means to stop it.

      The premise here is that Bush is driven by some religious desire to destroy muslims. That Bush is some modern day hitler. If Bush was like hitler the entire middle east would have been lit up with nukes.

      The modern day hitlers are the very people Bush is fighting and the euro trash are cheering for. Of course it is unsafe for a noticably jewish person to even travel through most of europe so the alliance fits.

      Your praise of clinton is interesting because his negotiations accomplished nothing and he legitimized yasser arafat as some real foreign leader when he shouldn't have given him the time of day. Negotiating with arafat was the same as negotiating with saddam or bin laden. You praise that? Euro trash liberals were all over themselves in praise for this man who has had a life time goal of eliminating jews from the earth.

      Hatred of America, hatred of jews, love for those who want to kill americans and jews. The doctrine of the incredibly sophisticated european mind. Oh yeah i forgot the love for smelly cheeses.

      we realised that Iraq never was and never would have been a threat to us.

      Then why did you vote for un resolution 1441? Every european member of the security council voted for that resolution. Why were there 13 resolution before that? Because saddam was never a threat? Certainly he can't hurt you now.


    • Maybe you should get your facts straight.

      Bush has actually been criticised by the right for being too diplomatic in dealing with islam. If bush was the way you say iran and syria would be parking lots and these trouble spots in iraq would be no more. If bush was so anti-islamic there would be no negotiations with the palestinians because we would have helped decimate them. Bush is the first american president EVER to call for a seperate and independent palestinian state. George W Bush has liberated muslims in iraq from a man who killed one million of them, used chemicals on them and tortured and raped them. Your hatred is not for a brutal murderer like saddam but rather for george bush.

      George w Bush has liberated muslims in iraq and afganistan. He has liberated women in afganistan who previously had no freedom at all.

      As for european public opinion i have little respect for it. Euro trash had the same hateful attitudes about ronald reagan while he was making the world safer for YOU. The fact that the french don't like a particular president is all the more reason to re-elect him or her.

      I know it makes you europeans angry to see americans fighting and dying for YOUR liberty. It pisses you off to have saddam in a cell, to have elections in afganistan and iraq. If john kerry had been president the last 4 years none of that would have happened.

      "christians are not supposed to kill" Sure, we have terroists who attack civilians, cut off innocent peoples heads, rape and torture. The way to deal with them is to hold hands and sing songs. They would really be impressed with that.


    • I guess the folks in europe need their reading glasses because there is nothing in what i have posted here that would indicate an evangelical christian agenda. In fact i'm a nominal catholic with little religious agenda. I guess you assume that any american conservative is some bible thumping nut in the same narrow way that i might automatically assume that any european liberal is a limp wristed homosexual panty waste who desperately needs a shower. I don't.

      There is nothing naive to suggest that having saddam in a jail cell would be a good thing. Nothing naive to suggest that it be a good thing that his two pervert rapist sons are pushing up daisies no thanks to the french. Europeans had a violent civil war with ethnic cleansing going on in your own backyard and did nothing. There was outright genocide going on in rwanda while the holier than thou UN did nothing. It's ok what is 800,000 dead black people right? A familiar refrain in the Clinton white house where hardly a thing was done when two American embassies were destroyed in africa.

      Bottom line is that people like john kerry and his elitists pals in europe are inept when dealing with the evils of this world. If john kerry had his way saddam would still be in kuwait and any place else that fancied him.


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