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  • fgnoms fgnoms Oct 30, 2007 8:24 AM Flag



    Hey Roberta - can you believe this guy Siri actually believes that I'm shorting Kirky's Halozyme. He's apparently not aware of our love affair with Uncle RJ? Talking about that has anyone heard any news about NRPH's NRP290 - now Shire's of course? Thats the non abusable, non addictive version of Hydrocodone that started Phase 3 earlier in the year. They are keeping very quiet about what's going on - as far as I'm aware Shire has never said anything about this trial. Maybe they are going to sell it. I've always wondered whether they might have done a secret deal with NRPH's management to let them buy it back for a modest amount sometime after the merger when everyone's forgotten about it. That of course would explain why they didn't have to pay $80 for the NRPH stock! I was bargaining on NRP290 being worth $15+ per share. Shire would certainly have no interest in marketing a pain drug themselves so a swift disposal for an undisclosed sum to a private company would be my bet. You may remember from the takeover documents that NRPH originally proposed splitting the Company into a Vyvanse company and the rest of the pipeline company with Shire buying the former and existing shareholders keeping the latter. That never happened but if Shire does dispose of it privately I would certainly be very interested to know who might be involved.

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    • I have always wondered the same thing, the market for non-abusable pain drugs will be enormous. We just have to see who can win the race to come out with the first form that actually is non-abusable. I've been following and buying Pain Therapeutics stock over the past couple months. Looks like they might be the first to release, but i'm not doubting shire/nrph's version either. Since shire's version uses the same technology as what's used in vyvanse, we already know it works pretty well. so in that sense they have one up on PTIE, but i guess we just have to sit back and wait.