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  • greeno50 greeno50 Apr 21, 1999 8:04 PM Flag


    JNJ will be discussing Galantamine tommorrow. Hope all goes well.
    Shire has been on a road show overseas with investors, stock is up based on discussions.

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    • each time you post a message it saves a telephone
      call to my broker!!!...thanks again for sharing
      factual information...a commodity that is very scare on
      these message boards...if I weren't maxed out on this
      stock, I would add to my position...
      If J & J is
      doing a presentation, I am sure it will go well...I
      hope seniors from BLPG will be in attendance...they
      might learn something? Fidelity has significantly upped
      its transaction fees...probably should shift some
      funds...GLM looks very strong :)


      Dr. A.

    • I too have been puzzled by the volatility...I own
      SHP and SHPGY...the company is not widely followed
      and there is still relatively little institutional
      ownership...but, the predictable volatility becomes a great
      trading opportunity... start buying before the earnings
      announcement (before the price starts to rise), and sell
      several days after (before the price starts to fall)...

    • No matter how you look at it, today's earnings report was a blow-out across the board -- better than expectations, with strong growth now and probably in the future on various fronts.

    • Incredible earnings vs. expectations...why isn't this reflected in the stock price???

    • This was posted on a UK bulletin board. Tomcat is
      known to me, and is reliable. The '99 profits estimate
      of around �30m was also reported in yesterday's
      Times newspaper.
      Posted by tomcat on
      12/May/1999 at 19:15:

      Heres the gist of my
      conversation with the Company secretary to-day:

      expect to make �30m pretax all things being
      -the tax charge will be around 25%
      -this translates
      to eps of 18.5p(my estimate) (zho speaking: I make
      it 16.0p on 141m shares. Forgotten how many shares
      make a GDR, but the most recent earnings estimate was
      8.9p per ordinary share, itself recently upgraded by a
      couple of p)
      -the fig assumes that there is no
      increase in R&D expenditure nor costs associated with any
      -the litigation issue is already factored into the
      share price
      -of the 900 cases on the books there are
      only 9 cases with reasonable claims.Even these can be
      eliminated on a variety of legal grounds.
      -legal costs
      are covered by the insurers but they cannot pay
      -there are indemnity arrangements with their US partners
      which have not been tested yet..they may use this as a
      last resort if things get tough

      All in all I
      was satisfied with the explanation given and thanked
      him for taking the effort to call me at


    • there is a seller originating in London.
      Rightfully so he is using the added interest and volume
      surrounding the good earnings release. The stock will not
      move up until this block of stock is bought up.
      Wouldn't you rather try to unload a large position and not
      have the price of your holding fall in price? on the
      other hand it lets new buyers in without having to pay
      up. Everyone is happy but you. Be patient.

    • I purchased this stock so I could buy a new cabin
      cruiser with the profits...summer is coming and I will
      miss the boating season...I will have to buy a canoe
      instead...I don't know any sexy women who like canoes!!! Have
      a profitable day...


      Take a
      look at HA-LO :)

    • Does anyone know if there is a meaningful advantage to Lambda
      over Geltex's Renegal?