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  • sonarping_dive sonarping_dive Jul 19, 2000 8:48 AM Flag

    Rumor says SHIRE going into play

    Any number crunchers have any idea what Shire
    would fetch if this happens. I'm told Shire is would
    make great aquisition by larger pharmaceutical co. My
    CPA friend says easily $100+ Any ideas out there?

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    • Press Release from Bloomberg News and AOL News
      this afternoon (Aug.1) stated J&J got an "Approvable
      Letter" from FDA for Reminyl. Get ready to say goodbye to

      In other SHPGY-related news today, Alza announced
      approval of Once-daily Concerta for ADHD. The good side to
      this news for SHPGY is that it's still just
      methylphenidate, therefore more likely to be carnivorous to
      shorter acting versions of the same agent
      (Ritalin/methylphenidate). When methylphenidate does work that's great, when
      it doesn't there's Adderall.

      Be well.

    • Thank you for the information. Is is true that
      they are reporting Q2 numbers tomorrow?
      What are
      those expected to be. I bought this stock based on a
      broker rec. and it's done nothing positive. I only like
      going down in roller-coasters. Haave a good one.

    • No, they have European approval, but not FDA
      approval yet. The NDA dossier was submited in Sept 99.
      Usually the FDA requires about a year to respond, so we
      are expecting to hear something soon. While FDA
      doesnt always approve the same drugs that are approved
      in Europe, we can hope that the European approval
      increases the likelihood that it will be approved here.
      When the drug was first approved in Sweden, the price
      shot up almost 10 points. Then when it was approved in
      the rest of Europe, the rally began again. So we can
      hope that if it is approved by the FDA there will be
      another positive impact on price. Does anybody have
      anything to add to this?

    • Do these guys have FDA approval for their Alzheimer's drug yet? How long will it take before they get it, and do you think it will have an impact on their stock price?

    • I understand your position. I held it as well.
      But this stock has been very high for quite a while.
      I still think Rolf should fire those VPs in
      Kentucky. I don�t think they run their business like a true
      pharma company, and I still don�t like a lot of their
      management decisions, but I cannot deny the stock price. You
      may be correct in assuming that Shire may have
      trouble meeting Q3+ numbers. IMNSHO, Shire won�t EARN
      it�s stock price, it will AQUIRE it. I don�t have
      faith in Shire�s management below Rolf. From Rolf
      above, I think they are quite shrewd. They will acquire
      another company soon. The big question regarding a
      decrease in stock price will be �How will the acquisition
      effect the stock short term?�. I think we may see some
      buying opportunities during the arbitrage period. I only
      wish I knew who they are buying. Anybody got any


    • Thanks.
      Shire definitely seems to have more
      friends than Roberts ever did. As an old RPC long, I
      wished for this kind of support from institutions for
      Roberts, but we never got it. Shire�s big investors appear
      to be smart enough to see the big picture.