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  • jad1148 jad1148 Jan 14, 2010 7:36 PM Flag

    The offer at 2.50


    I can't answer your questions. I'm just not a seasoned, professional investor like you and bbott. Valuation is just a hobby for me, although I do work at. I've looked at HOOK's numbers and I'm just not comfortable with them. I've already lost money once speculating on this stock. I made at least two mistakes back then (I bought before the merger): [1] I wasn't counting on the size of the debt load and [2] the struggle to achieve profitability has been disturbing. Anyway it is fun to watch, and I am getting a chuckle out the fixation with $2.50 per share.

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    • Well don' put me in a boat with bddott.....but the way to accumulate is to offer size on offer ie 17,000 at 2.60 and bid 100 bid with refresh up to say 5,000 .....if the bid gets filled offer 5,000 at 2.55 and bid on refresh at 2.50 if that gets hit offer 5,000 at 2.50.....down we go and if it's working good you lose 10,000 at offer and buy 40,000 at bid you pick up 30,000 for the day and the stock closes down ...and the down trend continues that's how Buffett buys....but with bigger companies like BUD or KO ad multiply by a factor of 10 day in day out ...the SAM buying agent buys that way also when a repurchase program is in effect ....stock dosn't go up till the buyback is over.....

    • jad, I'm not a professional investor at all. I'm just here because I know more about the beer business than most and I like to discuss it. I'm basically a buy and hold investor, at least for a year for tax reasons. I agree with you that the risk here is not worth the reward, but I still own a few shares. Good luck and keep the discussion going.

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