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  • bbdott bbdott May 8, 2013 6:11 PM Flag

    The day the cheering died.

    sd, squatt, dan, woofy, safety and shawn. RIP

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    • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Jul 15, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

      More like the day BBdott went missing!!!!!!!!

    • You clearly did not listen to last conf call. They said q1 would be soft followed by strong 2nd and 3rd based on timing of shipments. This is not a surprise...maybe to you if you did not research. Stock has been strong so may get hit a little but Mkt cares more about q2 and 3

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      • sd, the lowered estimate was to earn $.04 not lose $.09. Everything they did was terrible; margin, capacity utilization, earnings, depletions, sales, expenses, layoffs, severance etc....... At some point the market will realize that these guys don't control if they make money. INBEV does and they don't want them to. The 60+ PE for declining sales in the rapidly growing craft beer market is not sustainable, the upside here is gone. These guys don't and can't make money LT, because INBEV says so. I think it should go down at least 25% in the next few days, maybe way more. This is bleak and there is no positive way to spin things anymore. The BWW "cheap" contract brew? Give me a break, the timing of that was pure desperation. Note how the former executive cashed his options for less than a buck last week. I bet he had a "hunch" how bad things are. This is a dead man walking.

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