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  • squatt_diddly squatt_diddly Sep 12, 2013 12:24 AM Flag

    SHORT INTEREST UP 70K from 8/15 - 8/30!!!!

    Ohhhh, the PAIN!!! This move started on 8/21 btw... so it pinches..

    Ohhh BBidiot... I know you are in here.... finally too embarrassed to mouth off???

    330,000 SHARES SHORT!!!

    BB, you gettin a margin call tomorrow?

    Man, what if they squeeze this like that POS JVA he loved so much???

    What BREW has going for it tho... this restaurant chain focus could truly be huge... and there are a lot of em

    MMMMM MMMMM GOOOD, how bout a little KONA at Joe's Crab Shack baby???

    Ohhhh, and as Calla Marie now knows.... case fees are 75% LOWER thru Dec 2018 due to the CHANGES IN THE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT.

    Ramp those sales boys.... the EPS will flow....

    Gosh, seems BREW has all the fixins for some Wall Street Analysts to start that hockey stick Hyper Revenue model.....

    Lets see: 1) HYPER GROWTH KONA, 2) LONGHAMMA swinging for the fences 3) OMISSION (good to have a potential moonshot in the mix ( HOW BIG WILL THAT MARKET BE???) and Stabilized Widmer...

    Now BWLD is kickin in.... and what if they drop another one of those deals into the mix????

    Ohhhh, and sittin pretty on all those brewery assets and LAND in W'ville WA...

    BBIDIOT, #$%$ were you thinking hating this deal at TWO BUCKS????

    Come on buddy, how about a P/E Multiple check from our resident bbidiot!!! Tell me when it hits 1000!!!!!

    But SERIOUSLY, are you starting to understand CASH FLOW yet???? Cause it sure aint about the P/E dude

    Heck, we are only at 1.3X SALES!!!!

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    • Its one thing to be printing money, but the sweetness of this move, and the power it has had to silence BBDAFOOL makes it all the more enjoyable.

      Not sure I ever enjoyed making money this much.... not that I EVER want to be exposed to exponential BullSheeit of such sour people again...

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