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  • ezwrighter ezwrighter Sep 13, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Who is sucking up shares here?

    Someone has been on a constant buying spree. There has to be something shaking here.

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    • $$ I haven't bought any since the high $5's. Doh!!! Maybe it's bb?

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Oh well, I guess I will just stick around and when the Widmers leave the party, so will I :-)

      • You know... you heard that garbage from BBIDIOT for so long I think everyone started to believe some of it.....

        But do a reality check....

        BREW IS UNDERVALUED. Think RAPIDLY GROWING MARKET, BRANDS,& Breweries.... Its trading at 1.3X SALES for a growth company???????

        1) Industry mavens think CRAFT is going from 6% to 15% and I heard one say that will happen in 5 YEARS.

        Isn't there an old adage about a rising tide floating all boats?????

        2): If you assume that is correct..... WHERE IS THAT BEER GOING TO BE BREWED???? HUH WHere is that capacity???? What are these breweries WORTH in that scenario??? How fast can you build a BREWERY today???? Who is giving PERMITS???? The value in these state of the art breweries is huge.

        3) BRANDS,,,,, Yes Widmer has had a stumble.... but who can throw a heap of garbage and OVERLOOK the second coming of REDHOOK (LOOOONNNNgggHAMMA!) and sizzling hot KONA? These BRANDS are hugely valuable.... and GROWING!

        Now throw in the other unknowns.... where is Omission headed? Just talked to an old bud who became a celiac three months ago.... he TOLD ME.... $9.99 / per 6 pack for OMISSION? He told me HE WOULD PAY DOUBLE! He said it is the ONLY craft beer that tastes like a GOOD BEER.

        I have had it- it is AWESOME. They have the opportunity to work this brand and make it just a moonshot. And your 3K barrel brewers just aren't going to come after this market.... but restaurants that want to be ahead of the curve and offer that to their savvy customers... well, it just makes me tingle. Omission could be a category killer and a must have tap.

        And what if they pull on a few more major restaurant chains??

        And now for my BIGGEST of all wishes for Santa .... what if all those JVA PUMMPER dudes came into this chat room board and started working their magic on BREW. Now that would be a PARTY! If they could get JVA to $30, IMAGINE what they could do here!

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